Amazon to hire 5,000 warehouse employees

Amazon to hire 5,000 warehouse employees

Summary: All in the United States, to meet surging customer demand.

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Amazon, the world's largest Web retailer, said this morning that it will add more than 5,000 full-time jobs in 17 U.S. warehouses to meet increasing demand for its products.

Those locations are in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania; Middletown, Delaware; Chattanooga and Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Charleston and Spartanburg, South Carolina; Patterson, San Bernardino and Tracy, California; Chester, Virginia; Phoenix, Arizona; Coppell, San Antonio and Haslet, Texas; Hebron, Kentucky; and Indianapolis and Jeffersonville, Indiana.

The company already has more than 20,000 employees spread across three dozen U.S. "fulfillment centers," as it calls them. It plans to open another five facilities this year; last year, it opened 20.

While the company framed the news in terms of job creation, the interesting angle to all this is a continued focus on Amazon's now-signature strategy: "To hell with today's profit, let's destroy the competition and rake it in later."

Which is why, as Bloomberg's Danielle Kucera points out, Amazon's warehouse expenses have more than doubled during the past three years. The company is trying to put fulfillment centers closer to consumers; it values faster delivery times and reduced shipping costs over the cost of building and staffing additional facilities.

Another key driver: the broader network allows Amazon to better serve Prime members, who pay $79 per year for unlimited two-day shipping.

Topics: Amazon, E-Commerce

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  • only FOSS could make this possible

    FOSS creates jobs, unlike M$/Oracle/apple who increases expenses and kill jobs.
    LlNUX Geek
    • FOSS makes it possible for 5000 people to walk around all day...

      ... picking out items from thousands of different boxes?
      • Did

        You work there?
    • I just dont think

      FOSS really has much to do with it. FOSS creates jobs to a point but nothing to do with this article.
  • I work

    At the San Bernardino Amazon Warehouse. Its hard work, but its well worth it. I worked Christmas peak last year and lost 45 pounds in a month picking orders (warehouse is over a million square feet) then I got hired on as a permanent this past June. Its such a positive environment to work in. Anyone interested, the best way to get in is through their contracted temp service SMX. They start at 11.50 and the number to the San Bernardino office is 909-890-2510.
  • Good to hear about a north american success story

    I have to admit, I do like the service from Amazon.
    • It's not a success story yet with this kind of strategy:

      "To hell with today's profit, let's destroy the competition and rake it in later."

      The way to success is not by hoping to rake in the dough later. It could backfire, especially with today's economy.
      • in today's economy, monopolies can fail

        A supply side economy kills the demand side's wages to look more profitable, but still expects the demand side to pay full price (and it can't), and corporate welfare subsidy won't help in the end...
        • Huh?

          What does this have to do with Amazon? I've been shopping with them since the 90s and they NEVER charge full price. And what's with the corporate welfare thing? They don't get any breaks that other businesses don't have access to. This company has done a lot of good for a lot of people - employees, customers and other businesses. Get your head out of the sand.
          Steve Lackey
    • so you gave up your job to do that work?

      $7/hr jobs do not a middle class make and previous government and corporate officials valued labor. Still, if slavery or death are the only two options after adjusting for inflation, which would you pick?

      oh, health insurance costs due to heavy lifting accidents will drive up costs for customers so you'd better do a good safe and quick job.
      • Get your facts straight

        Jobs in an Amazon warehouse START at $11.50 and go up from there. You've been drinking a little too much of the kool-ade
        Steve Lackey