Amazon updates .NET SDK to support Windows Phone 8, WinRT and Store apps

Amazon updates .NET SDK to support Windows Phone 8, WinRT and Store apps

Summary: Amazon takes aim at Azure with Windows Phone, WinRT and Windows Store support.


Developers of Windows Phone and Windows Store apps now have an alternative to Azure and can host their applications in Amazon's cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has extended its Microsoft toolset with an update to its .NET SDK that now supports Windows Store, WinRT, and Windows Phone 8 applications, offering .NET developers similar options to the already-available SDKs for iOS and Android in AWS.

Amazon's updated .NET SDK, which is still in developer preview, allows developers to connect their apps to AWS services like S3, EC2 and others as well as select the AWS region the SDK calls to.

Support for Microsoft's new operating systems are two feature updates of version 2 of the SDK, which include new commands to request AWS resources when targeting Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 or .NET 4.5.

The SDK adds to several recent updates from Amazon aimed at luring Windows workloads to its cloud, including AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell, AWS Visual Studio toolkit, and new guidance for running Exchange Server in AWS.

The update comes as Microsoft squares up against AWS to attract mobile developers to Azure. Late last month Microsoft moved Azure Mobile Services into general availability after being in preview for the past year. Initially only available for Windows 8 apps, Microsoft later bolstered the service with support for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

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  • Azure is such a better product than AWS it would make no sense for anyone

    Even for those with existing services on AWS it makes more sense for them to move those to Azure than to keep them on AWS or worse put more there.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Hopefully....

      ...this means that the Amazon Cloud Player and Prime Streaming apps are coming to WP soon!
    • Re: Azure is such a better product than AWS

      Quite a change, for a Microsoft fan to try to tout the better "quality" of its product, rather than rely on its massive marketing machine to sideline the opposition, as in times past.

      The shoe is well and truly on the other foot, eh?
    • Its not always about "best in class"

      Might be that a developer can get a cheaper usage cost out of AWS or their particular app works better or they already have a relationship with Amazon and get synergy with also using AWS.

      Even if its true, its not always about what's "best" but what's best for them.
      Rann Xeroxx
  • Azure is so easy to use

    • You're not a developer

      So how could you know? But as it happens, you're right.... Azure lets developers be their own IT team. It excels at cloud VM
    • Re: Azure is so easy to use

      To run Linux.
      • Isn't it great...

        Microsoft goes out of their way to support systems such as Apple and Linux. They do it for business reasons of course but the effect is the same. Try running OSX on a VM in any virtualized platform.
        Rann Xeroxx