Amazon Web Services unveils business email service

Amazon Web Services unveils business email service

Summary: The company's Simple Email Service will allow business users to send a set number of bulk emails for free

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Amazon Web Services launched an email service on Tuesday that enables businesses to send bulk and transactional messages.

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The service, dubbed the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), is the latest effort by Amazon to target businesses. Under SES, firms can send a set number of messages for free, after which they pay fees for the number of emails sent, as well as data-transfer costs.

In return, businesses would save on building in-house email systems and licensing costs. The messages covered under SES would revolve around marketing and transactional email. Amazon SES will cost 10 cents (6p) per thousand emails sent. If emails originate from Amazon Web Services, users will get 2,000 free emails each day.

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Topic: IT Employment

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  • Richard Harrison from SMTP Inc. says, "Legitimate people playing by the rules are still running into issues. It requires support people and interrogation of what the issues are. I don't see how Amazon will do that at such a low price point. It's a tough business, managing lists, working with ISPs, trying to help customers stay on the straight-and-narrow."