AMD FX-9000-series hardware now available

AMD FX-9000-series hardware now available

Summary: From today you'll be able to buy PCs powered by AMD's 5GHz, 8-core FX-9590 processor.

TOPICS: Processors, Hardware

At E3 back in June, AMD unveiled its new FX-9590, the latest addition to FX lineup and the world's first processor to break the 5GHz. Today this silicon becomes available to purchase, but only from selected system integrators.

The FX-9590 has eight processors cores based on AMD's Piledriver architecture, and is part of the "Black" edition, which means that they are unlocked for ease of overclocking by enthusiasts. The processor also feature AMD's Turbo Core 3.0 technology to dynamically optimize performance across the CPU cores to provide the best performance under the most intensive workloads.

(Source: AMD)

Systems featuring the FX-9590 are available from Canada Computers, CyberPower, iBUYPOWER, Digital Storm, Extreme PC, Maingear, Memory Express, NCIX, Origin PC, Puget Systems, and Velocity Micro.

AMD has been the first to hit a number of historic processor milestones. It was the first to break the 1GHz barrier in May of 2000, before going on to produce the first Windows compatible 64-bit PC processor and the first native dual-core and quad-core processors. AMD then went on to launch the first APU along with the first x86 quad-core SoC.

It's been a good time for AMD lately. The underdog chipmaker has managed to negotiated its silicon into all the major games consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. AMD also announced plans to support Android and Chrome OS in addition to Windows, as well and supplying the GPU power for Apple's upcoming Mac Pro, all in an attempt to break free of the stagnant PC market.

Topics: Processors, Hardware

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  • okay but...

    How well do these things perform? The AMD CPUs fell behind because they were nowhere near as powerful as the Intel offerings.
    • Re: nowhere near as powerful as the Intel offerings.

      Are you serious?

      Intel has always optimised their systems for benchmarks.
      • He is serious

        When you use programs to benchmark they give real world results. Intel CPU's have been much faster than AMD ever since the release of the first Core 2 Duo. You can't change that fact even with ignorance.
        Joseph Clarke
        • No

          benchmark software is not real world results. What looks like a big number difference on a benchmark, often translates into < 1sec time difference in real world. And sometimes no difference at all. Like in most games...
          • Gone are the days of GHz race !!

            More GHz != More performance

            Better ALU/FPU pipeline, microarchitecure optimization, better cache eviction algorithms... wins
    • What rubbish

      This chip easily keeps up with every i7, and is just as expensive, the Steamroller hasn't even come out yet, also you can clock the bad boy up beyond 5ghz.

      AMD has secured the entire next gen consoles and games, all optimized for AMD Radeon.

      Sour grapes eh Intel fanboy lol
      • Nope.

        Are you really that far out if the loop? This chip is not faster, it is slower. The only thing faster is the Ghz.
        Joseph Clarke
      • These chips

        Are quite overpriced. Especially given the ease of overclocking on piledriver. You can easily purchase a 8350 and OC to around 5GHZ on Water with little difficulty...
  • Power consumption

    Can we infer that 5 GHz translates to astronomical power consumption ?
    Add a monster graphics card and say "Hello" to +1000W peak !!!
    • 220W

      I think I read 220W. You can use it as a toaster also.
      Joseph Clarke
      • 200w?

        That's a light bulb buddy. You know, one of those things that you have lighting up the room where the PC is running. A toaster is 2,000w.
        • To be fair

          200W Lightbulbs are quite rare... Most these days are 40W and below. But your TV is most likely 300+W. And a graphics card is most likely also around 180-250W. The thing is that AMD TDP is often close to actual power draw. Unlike Intel whos haswell chip @ 84W TDP actually uses 183W under load.
  • Publicity stunt

    Ghz does not necessarily = superior performance. This was determined a long time ago, and is the reason why we don't already have 5 Ghz CPUs
    Dominic Giallombardo
    • Publicity.... Maybe

      I remember when Intel was poking along at 166 Mhz and not at all interested in increasing their CPU speed at all. Along came AMD and suddenly Intel decided to get off their fat A$$. Nothing helps the consumer, that would be us, more than competition. I'm not an AMD fanboy, but I'd love to see AMD pull out in front again!
      • WHile this might be true

        I'd like to see AMD pull out ahead in raw CPU performance, but AMD"s are quite fast enough for everything u would ever need to do on a computer. And the pricing is usually very good. The competition is good, but Intel is getting destroyed in the APU segment as they have nothing close to an APU. Their internal graphics are horrible and can barely play old games. They have no HSA architecture, no nothing. So while they are faster in CPU single thread performance, they fail in everything else..
  • AMD has always been good for intel..

    Let's see if you all remember these amd badboys.. 386 DX 40, 486 DX4 100, not to mention being the 1st cpu available to consumers to run x86-64 code.. I've always been a big supporter of AMD and I'm even happy with my A6 notebook.. Plus I think it's really awesome that they got thier chips into the PS4! WooT! That's more money in the bank then tablets or smart phones.. Look how good IBM did putting PPC chips into the Wii, Xbox360, and PS3.. Plus now it'll be easier for game devs to optimize for amd seeing that they are doing consoles.. So it'll be nice to see some killer game with a "Runs better on AMD" pasted all over it! ;-)
    Nick Zamparello
    • it is a huge win for AMD

      As the new consoles will all be optimized for AMD hardware since all games are heavily optimized on consoles to squeeze every bit of performance out. And since they will be 8 core offerings, heavily threaded games are in our future, which is a big win for AMD.
  • Guess the kids were too young to remember.

    I was one of the first owners of the P90, the first Pentium processor. It was quickly discovered that the CPU was not able to correctly calculate a specific simple math problem. Intel's response? "It is okay, as is, and we're not going to fix it."
    After much publicity and public outrage at their arrogant attitude, they very quickly ate those words and replaced the processors. The P90 was the last Intel processor I bought. I bought a K6 CPU, and have never looked back. Kudos to AMD
    • Intel

      Has always been a company only interested with their Profit margins, and not with their consumers. They just strong arm vendors and spread FUD to sell chips instead of making competitive, well priced, sensible solutions.
    • I remember

      There was a meme joke at the time that went "I am Pentium of Borg. Division is futile. You will be approximated."
      Han Rasmussen