An e-commerce platform designed with small businesses in mind

An e-commerce platform designed with small businesses in mind

Summary: GoECart 360 is a cloud-based service that covers everything from inventory management to fullfillment to storefront navigation.

TOPICS: SMBs, E-Commerce

There are plenty of e-commerce platform options for small businesses, depending on how you want to pay for them or how much integration work your company is willing to do. A new player, GoECart 360, is pitching a do-everything-here approach.

Its service, targeted at small companies booking less than $50 million in annual online revenue, handles pretty much every function related to setting up and running an e-commerce site including modules for storefront and catalogs, order management, fulfillment, shipping, inventory management and customer relationship management. 

The inventory feature, in particular, is what convinced early customer Beyond Health, a small company in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with four employees that sells vitamin supplements and carries about 150 inventory items. "We had desperately been looking for an integrated system," said Richie O'Brien, one of the owners. "In particular, we needed a system that could count inventory." 

Beyond Health, which ships about 1,200 orders per month, also appreciates the ability to manage phone orders and online orders from one platform, O'Brien said.

Pricing for the standard edition starts at $1,000 per month, including log-ins for up to five administrators. For more about the platform, see the video below.

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Topics: SMBs, E-Commerce

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  • Are these people high?!

    "small companies booking less than $50 million in annual online revenue"


    'Small business' and '$50 million in annual revenue' shouldn't be in the same sentence.

    "Pricing for the standard edition starts at $1,000 per month"

    Smoke some good crack lately? That IS NOT small business pricing. Small business e-commerce platforms are the stuff that ranges from free to about $30/mth MAX. Ask anyone that actually owns a small business.
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