An inside look at Microsoft's Surface RT

An inside look at Microsoft's Surface RT

Summary: A behind-the-scenes look at the labs where Microsoft designed its first-ever Windows PC, plus an inside look at the device itself.

TOPICS: Hardware, Microsoft

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  • 200 custom parts

    Although the finished product is virtually seamless, the Surface RT actually consists of more than 200 separate parts. The following pages provide a closer look at those parts and how they were designed and built.

    All images courtesy of Microsoft.

  • ​Teardown

    This detailed breakdown shows the many parts that go into the Surface RT. The 10.6-inch ClearType HD screen is a custom design. The plastic parts in the center of this photo are large scale models of the tiny hinges that control the kickstand.

  • Wi-Fi antennas

    The two tiny antennas shown here illustrate the careful engineering that went into the Surface. The two antennas are designed so holding the device doesn't block the signal. In addition, two RF windows improve reception.

Topics: Hardware, Microsoft

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  • An inside look at Microsoft's Surface RT

    Microsoft Surface is a gorgeous piece of hardware. Its so slick and modern looking that when you have it you'll be bragging to all your friends about it. A lot of thought went into the design with its solid build and testing. Can't get my hands on one of these soon enough. Microsoft will do well to keep the prototypes on display at their campus for visitors to enjoy.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • MSheep

      "Microsoft Surface is a gorgeous piece of hardware. Its so slick and modern looking that when you have it you'll be bragging to all your friends about it .. Can't get my hands on one of these soon enough.."

      Yes, what others think of your hardware is soooo important, isn't it Loverock?

      It makes a great deal of sense to be pre-ordering a Windows RT pad, when we have no idea what the production quality will be like, and while the Windows Store has just 5000 apps of varying quality.

      It makes even more sense, given that we know that we know that the Surface (like all Windows RT pads) won't run a single PC legacy app!

      Worse, it's too soon for there have been any in-depth comparisons of the Windows RT with an iPad, let alone any information about what sort of data plans will be available. (The RT does have WWAN doesn't it? 4G?)

      It's almost like you're prepared to buy any gadget with a Microsoft logo.

      It's almost like you're caught in a herd.

      Why, it's almost like you're an MSheep!
  • So, who's the OEM?

    As in who makes them for Microsoft?
    • erm

      i heard a rumour MS built their own factory in China.
  • This is easily the most advanced tablet out there today

    Nothing else even comes close.

    Thanks Ed, I'm finding it very hard to not click on the pre-order button since I want to wait for the Surface Pro. Heck, it's only $600. Might just spring for it as that isn't a lot of money, especially considering that this stupid Nokia Lumia 920 AT&T exclusivity is going to save me a few hundred dollars.
    • I couldn't wait...

      @toddbottom3 - I couldn't wait. I went for the RT with 64GB & BOTH the touch and type covers. Pre-ordered this morning and the site estimated a delivery of October 29 (hopefully the 26th tho)!
      I will likely be purchasing the PRO and handing this one down to my daughter so I decided to jump in now and get a head start. :)
      Darren Sproat
      • can't do much...

        other than envy you, it is not available for pre-order in India. :-(
        Anxiously waiting for a launch in India.
    • Why is this "This is easily the most advanced tablet out there today"?

      I gather the Surface RT doesn't have mobile connectivity. The screen is poor compared with that of an iPad. The RT won't run any Windows legacy apps.

      What is so "advanced" about it?
  • Tempted but....

    I'm tempted but lack of 3g connectivity is something I might have to hold on for unless there is some way I can tether it to my phone....
    • Shared internet

      Why not use a 3G dongle when needed (or a 3G router). You can also Tether and share the internet from your phone.
  • Has anyone noticed a few details missing

    No media player support, no domain logon available...?? Definitely waiting for the pro version..

    Check the specs people.. the full version office is student... which means timer is ticking from the moment you start it up...
    • home vs pro

      They are following the restrictions on features similar to the difference between Home and Pro versions of regular Windows. I don't get your comment on Office. The Student and Teacher version is not for commercial use. The simplest thing is to get an Office 365 account for $6 a month or have any other kind of Office at work or on your personal PC. There is no timer. You are thinking of Office Starter - different product.