AnandTech: No NFC in iPhone 5

AnandTech: No NFC in iPhone 5

Summary: AnandTech and The Loop's Jim Dalrymple claim that the iPhone 5 will not ship with Near Field Communications (NFC) hardware. If true this would give Android (and Windows Phone) a boost and severely hobble PassBook.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware, iPhone
AnandTech: No NFC in iPhone 5 - Jason O'Grady

AnandTech claims that the mystery chip spotted in a purported leak of iPhone 5 hardware is not a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip:

Given the primarily metal backside of the new iPhone, it's highly unlikely that NFC is in the cards for this generation. In fact, given the very little space at top and bottom dedicated to those glass RF windows, you can almost entirely rule it out.

Citing "my beard" as his source, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple also confirms (with a simple "yep") AnandTech's assertion that the new iPhone will not include NFC hardware.

If true, this would set Apple back another year behind Android devices that already contain NFC hardware and severly cripple Apple's promising PassBook app, due to ship in iOS 6

Is NFC important to you? Should Apple include NFC hardware in the i5?


Topics: Apple, Hardware, iPhone

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  • Apple has innovated a replacement for NFC

    And like all other Apple innovations, this one couldn't be simpler. The app will have a single button and as you touch that button, your iPhone emits a very loud buzz. Tap the button quickly to get a quick buzz, hold it longer to get a long buzz. So simple, so innovative, so Apple.

    Retailers will setup speaker systems to dedect the buzz of the PassBook app and using a new language that Apple has invented, called Tara, you can communicate your acknowledgement of purchases by alternating quick taps with long holds to spell out your Apple ID and your password. As an example, I would tap out this message making sure that I hold my iPhone 5 really close to the store's microphone while I'm tapping:
    and when I'm prompted for my password:

    So simple, so intuitive, so innovative. Apple has, of course, patented the Tara language so no one can steal this fantastic innovation.
    • Smooth move!

      Now, the whole world has your apple id and password. Bwahahahaha.....what? He was using sarcasm? Oh.......nevermind.
    • Oh Toddy!

      Right church, wrong pew - Samsung will have to go back to the "innovation" board now that you've let the cat out of the bag!

      And why do you continue to show Jobs as the alpha-male with virility horns? I didn't think you liked him . . .
    • Magical

      I think there is already a (free) Android ripoff called ARat (Tara backwards). I would not trust it though, you'll probably get infected with malware.
      Schoolboy Bob
  • Of course they should have NFC in the the 5. They shouldve had it in the 4S

    This is why we dont look to apple as an innovator.
    Johnny Vegas
    • It's because of Apple's closed system

      Apple is afraid app developers will exploit it so you can do file transfers of any kind and bypass their eco-system to move music and other files between devices.
  • Apple is a follower but makes money at it

    Apple is always at least a year behind Android devices. Trailing technology keeps costs lower, margins high, and most people who buy Apple stuff don't know or care what's inside. They buy it for the outside form. Similarly why Apple went to commodity (read CHEAP) Intel processors on their Macs.
    • Not really...

      While off topic, Apple went to Intel for Mac because IBM/Moto were struggling to keep pace with Intel and the only thing the average consumer knew about processors was MHz.
      • PowerPC/Xbox

        not withstanding the keeping up with the Jones' issue... I thought Apple moved to Intel partially due to supply issues because Microsoft and the Xbox were sucking up the supply...
        • In reality Microsoft's contract with IBM

          Specified what IBM could sell to Apple, and other competitors. Microsoft just didn't count on the Sony super-processor, or they would have included that in the contract too. Microsoft contracts often include exclusion clauses, as well as an out for Microsoft. The contracts are usually heavily one-sided.
          Troll Hunter J
  • Really a non-issue

    Only bleeding-edge tech people want to use their phones to pay for things. Most people are completely happy using current debit and credit cards. NFC in phones is a solution looking for a problem. If it looks like it starts to grab a foothold, then Apple can add it to their devices. Until then, it would just be a waste of money because it would go unused by over 90% of the customers.
    • NFC won't take off

      Until Apple brings their users across with the tech. To some extent, Apple can decide when NFC will go mainstream. I suspect it has to do with the licensing fees being asked... And no-one would have a better hand at the negotiating table.

      Just one thing though - Anandtech didn't say it wasn't in the iPhone 5 - they said "it's highly unlikely". NOT THE SAME THING.
      • NFC won't take off

        Meeeh Apple meeeeeh meeeeh meeeeh meeh meh meeh. Me meeh meeeeh, Apple meh meeeeeh meeh NFC meeh me meeeeeee. M Meeeeeeeh me meh me me meeeeh meeh ...

        Oh come on, stop being such a sheep.
        • NFC won't take off

          Ever wondered why people find Fanbois annoying?
          Fanbois Meeh :
          1) the Iphone doesnt have NFC because it is no good : therefor the Iphone rocks !
          2) the Iphone DOES have NFC, we shouldn't draw conclusions too fast : therefor the iPhone rocks !
          Yeah right. Spinning like a record , baby, right round, right round.
  • patent issue?

    would they infringe on some patents if they used nfc in the iphone 5?
    • No

      No, they wouldn't infringe on patents. Or if they did then there would be a court, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple in Silicon Valley, to say that they didn't and that Apple invented the whole idea of commerce and patented it over four millenia ago and that anybody else engaging in it owes them a fortune. And while we are at it if you are using either rectangular or round money or rectangular plastic with rounded corners you are in big trouble mister... [/sarcasm]