Android poised to overtake iOS in tablet platform share

Android poised to overtake iOS in tablet platform share

Summary: Despite Apple holding onto more than 50 percent share of all tablet shipments during the calendar first quarter, Android is expected to take the crown as the leader in the tablet platform share.

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iPad mini expected to overtake full-sized iPad in shipments by the June quarter, while Android is poised to overtake iOS in the tablet market share. (Image: CNET)

Despite Apple's success in the tablet market in recent years, Android is poised to overtake iOS in the tablet platform space, according to ABI Research.

The research firm cited China as the wildcard variable in the ongoing tablet platform race. While the region is passionate about Apple's brand and the masses' ability to afford new technology, smaller Android-based tablets are becoming increasingly popular.

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Tablet market to be dominated by small screens, says IDC

Tablet market to be dominated by small screens, says IDC

IDC's growth projection is based on inexpensive Android devices with screen sizes of about 7 inches driving demand.

Enterprises appear torn between the cheap Android devices that cut down on IT budgets, but the simplicity and the security benefits that the iPad and iPad mini offer. But prosumers and SMB-minded folk are likely keeping $200 and under tablets on the table, and keeping Android relevant in both emerging and developed markets.  

"It's inevitable that Android tablets will overtake iOS-powered slates, though we see no single vendor challenging Apple’s dominance anytime soon," said ABI Research senior practice director Jeff Orr. 

While Android continues to spin in China, a massive population of still mostly untapped revenue for firms like Google and Apple, iPad popularity has reached its peak as well as a saturation point.

According to recent IDC figures, Apple had just shy of half the overall tablet shipments for the first quarter. That is, not because the company doesn't have its own slimmed-down tablet. Of course, it has the iPad mini.

But Android's platform share is far higher on two fronts: it has a greater platform spread with more Android-based devices, and many of those devices are 7-inches or less, just as the iPad mini is.

Apple's tablet growth is beginning to slow. Its overall market share is dipping quarter-over-quarter. Also, Apple's Mac sales are suffering as a result of the iPad explosion, leading to an eventual and potential ding for two of the company's major revenue-making divisions.

The average selling price has been moving down-market since Android tablets began to undercut the iPad — not just in price but physical size. (Remember, the iPad mini was in reaction to smaller Android tablets, rather than the other way around.)

In line with IDC's latest research, published on Tuesday, that claims smaller tablet screens would ultimately end up dominating the market — with 8-inch or less displays taking around 57 percent of the market by 2017 — ABI Research agrees.

"Expect iPad minis to become the predominant iPad model after the June quarter," Orr added.

Topics: iPad, Android, Tablets

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  • Right...

    "It's inevitable that Android tablets will overtake iOS-powered slates, though we see no single vendor challenging Apple’s dominance anytime soon," said ABI Research senior practice director Jeff Orr.

    Maybe if they pull their heads out, they see better. I am personally disenfranchised with Samsung right now, but nobody with eyes can't see that their Galaxy line of tablets is doing the exact same as their Galaxy line of phones.

    But! After watching some of M$ newest commercials...IF they can get rid of that awful UI...who knows.
    • iOS, Android UI Clunky

      I thought those UI's were clunky and Windows much better, but I am not a tablet user (phablet, I guess, with a Samsung Note II). Those stupid screens full of icons in iOS are pretty crude. The widgets in Android are somewhat better, but we need to move forward from these clunky things. I think Windows is much better in this regard (UI) and I know that the underlying system is much more robust.
      Schoolboy Bob
  • Are Google, MS, Samsung, Asus, Acer and others now releasing sales numbers?

    I did not think so. So these are guesses at best. These same people put Galaxy phones sold at 160 million right before Samsung announced their 100 millionth Galaxy branded phone sold. In short, in lack of data, they make things up with vey poor methodologies.
    • Re: Are Google, MS, Samsung, Asus, Acer and others now releasing sales numb

      Asus said it was shipping a million Nexus 7s a month.

      How many Ipad Minis are being sold?
      • To ship you have to manufacture

        ASUS hasn't manufactured 250K ..... so there is ZERO possibility is "shipping" 1M a month.
    • Actually Samsung just announced that they PRODUCED #10M

      of the SG4 .... and fanboys are claiming it sold 100M.
  • Kudos Google

    Great job. Android just keeps getting better while ios keeps getting worse. Maps anyone?

    I'm very happy with my Microsoft and Nokia products but credit where credit is due: Google and Samsung release fantastic and innovative products which is why apple copies them so much.
  • Android poised to overtake iOS in tablet platform share

    So of the 5 people who actually own a tablet 3 of them are going to have a android tablet and the other 2 an iOS tablet. Whooppee.
    • Currently all 5 ...

      reside in our household.

      Idiot, as usual.
      • All 5???

        I thought you previously stated the only tablet in your household was a Nook?
        • Careful now

          You are making yourself look stupid again.

          We currently do have 5 nooks. 3 will be on the market shortly.

          I guess it was lost on you that LD offered an opportunity for some sarcasm as he often does, without me really misrepresenting anything.

          So why did you choose to question my relatively factual post, rather than his ridiculous number of 5 tablets? Would not an objective and impartial poster rather question LD's number than mine?

          Bitter and sore by any chance?
    • Are dt long and tb7 the same person?

      Neither is capable of writing anything that isn't a personal insult. They both sound exactly the same. Hmmm.
      • Defending LD, the forum idiot

        "Tell me the company you keep, and I'll tell you what you are"

        You really want to hammer that point home? You, LD and Owlllllnet?

        In the past, I had pegged you a tad higher than those two morons, but now you seem to be striving for "intellectual parity".

        Nice going.
        • You think LD is an idiot?

          LD is getting EXACTLY the response he is looking for from people who are too stupid to figure it out. He is playing people like puppets. People like you.

          Regardless, nowhere did I defend him. I simply noticed that you and tb7 post the exact same stuff with exactly the same personal insults and lack of logical arguments. Who you were responding to with your juvenile posts was irrelevant to my question.

          But please, keep responding to LD. It gives me a chuckle as I'm sure it amuses LD greatly to see all the fools who get so upset at what he writes.
        • Understand that you are the one trying to put people in the same company.

          All you are doing is digging for some reason to bash the people who post and not what they are posting about.

          Keep in mind you are keeping the same company they are by posting on the forums. Does that make you part of the same company or have you concted some special rule that excludes yourself?
      • Your powers of observation and logical reasoning .....

        are as pathetic as the contents of most of your posts.

        Have fun playing your little game.
  • Was looking at an Asus 7" just a few moments ago

    Nice price, well reviewed, accept this comment "There are still way more apps for a Galaxy SIII then this tablet, for now it's mostly a reader." Nice, buy and Android tablet just to find out most of the apps are for Android phones... No thanks.
    • Have Nexus 7

      My tablet, Nexus 7, can use all the apps my Nexus 4 uses, I don't notice any difference. Nothing looks stretched and there are no black bars present. I use it as a media device and for web browsing and like the added screen real estate. Google news even has a different layout for tablets. Before I add an app, I filter those using the Nexus 7 to see if these are issues and I haven't run across anyone who has complained about the UI. IOS users are just accustomed to having to purchase 2 apps, 1 for phones, 1 for Ipads.
  • Android offers more choices

    I'm not sure how it would not take over greater market share than everything.

    More device choices, more price points, more options, more features and so on.

    Apple makes nice stuff, but they seem to have hit a point where the magic is gone.
  • Google

    The biggest purveyor of spyware in the world. Techies are oblivious because they are so caught up in all the new features. And, the average consumer is oblivious because, well, they are oblivious. In the end, Android purchasers will all pay dearly.