Angry O2 workers disrupt AGM

Angry O2 workers disrupt AGM

Summary: Employees at mobile operator O2 are angry about pay and conditions

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O2 employees and shareholders disrupted the company's annual meeting for shareholders yesterday to protest about pay and conditions.

In a heated atmosphere, O2 board members were labelled "fat cats" by shareholding workers, who are unhappy that pay is being frozen for some employees while top bosses are awarding themselves bonuses. Employees also hit out at the way they are treated by the firm, accusing it of bullying tactics.

The meeting, held in Reading, was picketed by the Communications Workers Union (CWU) as part of its campaign to raise pay for O2 employees.

According to The Guardian,  one employee accused the O2 board of 'prostituting' its workforce, while one shareholder of pensionable age was carried out of the meeting by security guards after mounting the podium to call for the resignation of chief executive Peter Erskine.

O2 has claimed that the protests were coordinated by the CWU.

O2 has around 13 million customers in the UK, including business people and consumers.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • You should also report on the fact that a 73 yr old male shareholder who demanded that employees are heard and called for the CEO to resign, was literally carried from the top table by one Director and 3 security men. He was lifted off his feet and carried horizontally out of the AGM. It was appalling to witness the arogance and bullying tactic of the Board in refusing to allow shareholders to continue their questions. As a shareholder I was denied the right tot able my registered question. See website for further details and both the Mirror and Guardian 28th July editions
  • If there are employees who are disatisfied with pay and conditions then they are perfectly capable of talking with their feet. If sufficient were to "walk" then the management would need to improve pay to attract suitable staff.
    As a minor shareholder (and a pensioner too!!) I equally deplore the excessive board room pay and perks. At no time should directors or senior management receive a greater pro rata increase than the lower staff levels.
    I always consider that directors are employed on very good remuneration for their job. If they are not willing to do their job to the best of their ability for that remuneration then I for one don't want them.