Anonymous boasts hack into Apple

Anonymous boasts hack into Apple

Summary: Hacker group says it has penetrated Apple's server and leaked usernames and passwords, but adds it is "busy elsewhere" to exploit hole, according to news report.

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Apple is reportedly the latest target of hacker group, Anonymous, which said it has penetrated the company's servers and leaked a list of usernames and passwords, according to a news report.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Anonymous posted a tweet claiming it hacked into Apple and included a link to a document listing 27 administrative usernames and passwords. The data was reportedly taken from a system used for online surveys.

The tweet also carried a hashtag "#AntiSec", referring to the Operation Anti-Security (AntiSec) movement, and implied it currently had no plans to exploit the Apple hole. "Apple could be target, too. But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere," Anonymous wrote.

This latest revelation follows a wave of recent hacking onslaughts launched by Anonymous on corporate giants including Sony and government sites such as those in Malaysia and the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple did not make any immediate comment on the issue.

Topic: Security

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