Anonymous branches out with Linux-based OS

Anonymous branches out with Linux-based OS

Summary: The operating system is based on the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu 11.10, and comes with a set of hacker-friendly tools


Anonymous has launched its own operating system, Anonymous-OS, which fits out wannabe hackers with a suite of tools that they could use to get started on a path of hacking.


Anonymous-OS is based on Ubuntu 11.10 and comes with a number of hacker-friendly tools. Image credit: Anonymous

The operating system is based on the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu 11.10, and uses the Mate desktop, a variant of the Gnome 2 desktop. Anonymous-OS is available only as a live CD or a live USB, and can be downloaded as a torrent or via Sourceforge.

The creator of the operating system claims that the distribution has been put together for educational purposes, and should be used to check the security of web pages. However, the operating system comes with a fairly vast array of tools, including distributed denial-of-service programs, like the Low Orbit Ion Cannon; password crackers, like John the Ripper; and automated SQL injection tools, such as Havij.

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see Anonymous develops own OS on ZDNet Australia.

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  • There's also a story here :- , about how this is a bogus piece of software loaded with malware.
  • And this is from sourceforge themselves
  • Indeed. We have posted a follow-up story here:
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