Anonymous hacks North Korea sites on founder's birthday

Anonymous hacks North Korea sites on founder's birthday

Summary: Hacktivist group said it has taken down several North Korean news sites displaying images mocking leader Kim Jong-un, to disrupt the country's 101st birthday celebration of its late founder.


Anonymous said on Tuesday it had hacked five North Korean propaganda Web sites to disrupt the communist country's celebration of its founder's 101st birthday.

The hacktivist group said it had taken down North Korean news and information site, in the official Twitter account for Uriminzokkiri, which Anonymous took over earlier this month: "More of North Korean Web sites are in our hand. They will be brought down", according to Yonhap News on Tuesday.

According to the news site, the founder's birthday which fell on Monday is called Day of the Sun, is the most important holiday in North Korea. Current leader Kim Jong-Un is his grandson. remains inaccessible, while and appears to be back to its usual state, when accesed by ZDNet Asia at 5.30pm Singapore time.

In addition, North Korea Web sites, and had also been compromised by Anonymous to display mocking images of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Image mocking Kim Jong Un on (Source: The Next Web)

In early April, Anonymous had gained control of the North Korean Twitter feed, and since then, the links in many of the tweets point to the images poking fun at Kim Jong-un and condemning him for "threatening world peace with ICBMs and nuclear weapons", and "wasting money while his people starve", a separate report by CNET noted.

North Korea's Flickr account had also been hacked but the page now displays a message which said "this member is no longer active on Flickr", the CNET report added.

In a separate PasteBin post on April 3, Anonymous claimed it had members on the ground in North Korea and vow to wreak further havoc on the country's Web site and online presence as part of its "OpNorthKorea" initiative to raise awareness of North Korean nuclear policy and the regime's treatment of its people.

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  • I wonder...

    I've read that certain members of Kim's inner circle are making moves against the little dictator, and I have to wonder if they're not facilitating Anonymous. I also have to wonder whether or not there's a chance these mutineers would be any better to rule the North Koreans.
  • woah

    I never know N.K have websites.