Another HTC executive has left the building, hampering recovery effort

Another HTC executive has left the building, hampering recovery effort

Summary: As HTC continues to fall into the financial abyss, its recently appointed public relations chief leaves the company.

HTC's public relations chief Lorain Wong has left the company for "personal reasons". (Image: HTC)

The executive lounge at HTC's headquarters just got a little less crowded, as another senior figure at the beleaguered smartphone maker has left.

First reported by Bloomberg, HTC's public relations chief Lorain Wong is leaving the company for "personal reasons," according to the company's chief marketing officer Ben Ho.

She left the company four months after she was hired, but will remain on as a consultant until the end of the year.

It's not clear exactly the circumstances she left the company under. But it's another blow to the Taiwanese former giant, whose financial situation is far from great.

At least half-a-dozen executives have left the smartphone maker over the past two years, including its chief operating officer and chief financial officer.

The company saw a 70 percent fall in net profit during its 2012 first quarter. Its revenue has fallen by shy of 35 percent compared to the same period a year ago, with the company still reeling from a painful January where revenues fell by almost 50 percent. HTC also said it was facing gross margin challenges due to the high cost structure of its flagship smartphone HTC One, which was delayed getting out of the door.

HTC in September cut dozens of jobs in the U.S. as it attempts to make a turnaround.

Numerous reports have rumored that Amazon may enter the smartphone market with HTC's help in the coming months. 

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