ANZ trials iPhone payment app: photos

ANZ trials iPhone payment app: photos

Summary: ANZ is currently trialling ePOS, an app that will allow merchant customers to take payments from their iPhones.

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  • (Credit: Jacquelyn Holt/ZDNet Australia)

    The app connects to ANZ's secure back-end servers, via Wi-Fi or 2G/3G internet. For security purposes, the app does not store customer details, has a self-time-out function, and cannot be loaded onto jailbroken iPhones. ANZ has also implemented the capability to block usernames in the event of loss or theft of merchants' iPhones.

  • (Credit: Jacquelyn Holt/ZDNet Australia)

    Peter Dalton stepped into the GM innovation role in December 2008, with the intention of gaining further insight into customers' needs and develop new processes to simplify transactions. His move left a vacancy in the role of chief information officer, which was filled in February this year by Anne Weatherston.

    Other companies, like Australian vendor Mint Wireless, have also developed similar technologies, including ProcessAway, which retails in the app store for US$19.99, and Square, which includes a card reader device to process swipe transactions.

Topics: Apple, Banking, iPhone, iPad, Legal

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