Apacs head of IT steps down

Apacs head of IT steps down

Summary: Sue Yeo has left the organisation after 17 years, following a management restructure at the payment industry body

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Apacs IT chief Sue Yeo has left the organisation following a management restructure at the payment industry body.

According to an Apacs spokesman, Yeo decided to take voluntary redundancy as a result of the management restructure.

She is not expected to move into another head of IT role immediately and it is understood she may leave in-house IT altogether to pursue a consultancy role.

The Apacs spokesman said: "The new head of IT will be Janice Bentley-Pearson, who will report to the operations director Gary Hocking. We wish Sue well for the future."

Yeo, who was director of technology, information and facilities, has been at Apacs for more than 17 years and headed up a number of important projects, including consolidating a database of the organisation's 10,000-odd contacts and implementing an ID-management solution.


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It is understood that the company, which runs payments and clearing services for banks, is contemplating a head office move.

But the spokesman for the body denied that an office move, or any other upcoming change, was responsible for the management restructure.

He said in a statement: "Like all responsible businesses, we periodically review our organisational structure to ensure that that structure remains optimal — this was the reason for the restructure rather than any change geared towards a specific, future challenge."

Topic: Networking

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  • Fast Payments project slipped

    Is this anything to do with the fact that the planned new Fast Payments system run by APACS has slipped 6 months? www.fastpayments.co.uk

    Original launch date was November 2007, which has slipped 6 months to May 2008 with no guarantee it will make that date either.