App shows best time to post

App shows best time to post

Summary: A new app lets you know when the best time is for you to post on Google+.


A new app lets you know when the best time is for you to post on Google+. Some might think it a shame that the app wasn't built for a social network that people actually use.

Developer Daniel Treadwell has created Google+ Timing, which analyses your post history and highlights the days and hours when your posts have had the highest impact. Apparently, the best time for Britney Spears to post is between 5pm and 6pm on a Tuesday.

(Credit: Google+ Timing)

The tool isn't startlingly useful for those people who have ignored Google's attempt at social networking, which, let's face it, is most of us.

Sadly, there are no equivalent apps for Facebook users — at least, none that we've found — but there seems to be a wealth of study in this area. Buddy Media reckons that you should post early in the morning or at night, particularly later in the week, when people are in a better frame of mind. Marketing expert Jay Ehret says that 11am on a Saturday is the best hour of the week, followed by 8pm on any day.

When it comes Twitter, Dan Zarrella, author of The Social Media Marketing Book, says in this podcast that it's best to tweet in the afternoon, later in the week.

An alternative approach, one that just might catch on, is to post when you have something interesting to say. But that might be expecting a bit too much.

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  • Thanks for quoting me and linking to my article. However, what I actually said was that Saturday at 11 was the best time for me to post. It is my opinion that there is no one best time to post for everyone. Each Facebook page audience is a unique blend. In my article I recommend that you track your Facebook insights and use the spreadsheet I have provided to determine your best time to post.

    In addition, you should expand your thinking to the "best times" to post. Think plural. Studies have shown that the lifespan of a status update is very short. Pages can post as frequently as every three hours without fear of over-saturating their page.

    Jay Ehret
    Dean of Marketing Know-How
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  • Posting Timing

    Great to see that google + has brought something out for measuring timing. There is actually an online tool that I have used called crowdbooster that measures your engagement both for twitter & facebook. Unfortunately if you are running numerous social media accounts then you need to look at the premium edition. Free is limited to one twitter account & one facebook account. Personally having used it I can see that my engagement goes up dramatically ... Hope that helps .....

    O here is the link ...

    Thanks for you post by the way ...