Apple adds Jelly Bean to list of grievances in Samsung case

Apple adds Jelly Bean to list of grievances in Samsung case

Summary: The drama in Apple v. Samsung continues as the latest version of Android gets drawn into the legal battle.


Apple is expanding its lawsuit against Samsung in the U.S. District Court in Northern California with some notable additions.

The iPhone maker is asserting the Galaxy Note 10.1 device as well as the latest version of Google's Android mobile operating system, a.k.a. Jelly Bean, both violate its patents, according to Bloomberg.

[U.S. District Judge Lucy] Koh on Oct. 1 rescinded a ban on U.S. sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 that she imposed in June, deciding there were no grounds for keeping the preliminary injunction in place after jurors concluded in their Aug. 24 verdict that Samsung didn’t infringe the Apple design patent that was the basis for the injunction.

Apple, based in Cupertino, California, contended the ban should remain in place because the jury found the Galaxy Tab infringed other patents at issue in the case.

The jury in the highly-watched Apple v. Samsung trial reached a verdict back in August. Those results heavily favored Apple, but this case is far from over by any means.

For example, the matter of the Note 10.1 and Android 4.1 will both be decided in another trial, which is not expected to commence until 2014.

In a way, Apple could be trying to look for a rebound here as it already suffered a setback earlier this week in another legal battle against Google and friends.

On Monday, the federal judge in the Apple v. Motorola Mobility FRAND case canceled the trial -- scheduled to commence yesterday at the U.S. District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin -- altogether and tossed out the suit. If Apple wants to continue that fight, it's going to need to appeal.

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  • Apple adds Jelly Bean to list of grievances in Samsung case

    (Sigh) Of course.
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • Stupid priorities bite you on the bum

    Litigation is getting an obsession for Apple that increasingly distracts from the main game. Putting the resources wasted on lawyers into product development instead could have avoided the fiasco of iOS6 and made customers happier.
  • Is Apple Crazy

    Apple laweyers are out of control. This company is going to litigate to extinction.
    Van Der
  • Watch this space

    (until 2014). So we're resigned to watching another achingly slow attempt to compete with samsung in the courts and not on the shelves. Bit old hat tbh, people are getting bored of these tit-for-tat legal wrangles. Furthermore, by the time the court date is set, half the patents will probably have been rejected by the patent office so it will all turn out to be a damp squib anyway. Maybe this is just to balance out the 1/3 billion payout awarded against apple this week, who knows.
    Little Old Man
  • Calm down folks

    Apple is on the losing streak lately and it's hard out for the lawyers. They've got to get something going to keep their lawyers employed, don't they?
  • of course

    they're still rectangles after all
  • Hehehe

    Don't you just love the lawyers at Apple. Always adding more and more devices and technology to lawsuits. A previous one had just 4 smartphones and then jumped a few times going over 21 smartphones. Guess the lower paid lawyers keep on missing stuff to add.