Apple and Microsoft: 10 moments of truce

Apple and Microsoft: 10 moments of truce

Summary: The two companies are considered the arch-rivals of the technology world, but there have been numerous instances of co-operation between the pair

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  • Microsoft vs Apple

    Microsoft vs Apple has long been the marquee rivalry of the technology industry, but the two companies also have a long history as 'frenemies'. Here are their 10 greatest collaborations.

    Photo credit: Joi Ito

  • Microsoft launches Outlook for Mac in Office 2011

    10. Microsoft launches Outlook for Mac in Office 2011

    With Office for Mac 2011, released on 26 October, 2010, Microsoft once again made the Mac OS X version of its world-dominant productivity suite harmonise more closely with the latest Windows version, after several Mac editions that diverged wildly from their Windows counterparts.

    By far the most significant part of Office 2011 is that it brings back a version of Microsoft Outlook for email and Exchange syncing, replacing the Mac-specific Entourage. This makes the latest Macs much better equipped to function in the business world.

    Photo credit: Microsoft

Topic: Tech Industry

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