Apple and Samsung now own more than two-thirds of the US smartphone market: comScore

Apple and Samsung now own more than two-thirds of the US smartphone market: comScore

Summary: When it comes to hardware, Apple's iPhone commands the top spot, but when it comes to platforms it's Android who is the top dog.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

When it comes to hardware, Apple's iPhone commands the top spot, but Android is the top dog when it comes to platforms. These are the findings from metrics firm comScore.  

Apple's iPhone accounts for 41.8 percent of the OEM market share in the US, well ahead of its nearest rival Samsung, which has 26.1 percent of the market share as of December 2013.

The other players in the listing – Motorola, LG, and HTC – are far behind the leaders, with 6.7 percent, 6.6 percent, and 5.7 percent respectively.

Apple and Samsung have seen their market share since September 2013, by 1.2 percentage points apiece, while HTC saw its market share fall by 1.4 percentage points.

comScore hardware December 2013
(Source: comScore)

While the iPhone dominates the hardware, Google's Android platform is the leader when it comes to operating systems. According to comScore, it had 51.5 percent of the market in the US by the end of December 2013, while Apple's iOS is closing with 41.8 percent.

Trailing far behind were BlackBerry with 3.4 percent, Microsoft with 3.1 percent, and Symbian with 0.2 percent.

Since September 2013 Android's market share slipped slightly, by 0.3 percentage points, while iOS saw its share grow by 1.2 percentage points.

comScore platform Dec 2013
(Source: comScore)

So, overall no real change since last September, with the big players getting bigger, and the small players increasingly being squeezed out of the market.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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  • Observation

    The only people I see using iPhones are teenage girls. There are a lot of them.
    Sean Foley
    • Re: Observation....

      Yawn. Typical Anti-Apple rhetoric as always served up by one of the usual suspects. However what this may indicate is you spend much of your time perving at teenage girls.
      • He's just a lad

        These teenage girls are older than he is.
    • Observation

      The ones who claim they only see teenage girls use iPhones are either one of those 40+ male virgins who frequent malls in order to pick up those aforementioned teenage girls or is simply looking at teenage girls exclusively. Either way Sean you need help before 16 gets you 20.
    • Funny I don't See Any Teens with iPhones!

      But I see plenty of old people, pimps and their clients waiting in lines for public assistance with iPhones!
  • US Market only!

    It interesting how you say Apple has 41 % of the market, yet others state Android has over 80% of the market ? (Gartner stated 82% of all mobiles was android!)
    Does that mean you can get an iphone with android?
    Another study shows Samsung sells excess of 117 million units (25.7% of total Mobile sales.)., apple sells 30 mil (6.7% total.) out of the 455 Million phones sold.
    I suppose it depends on whose paying for the article?