Apple announces iPad 4 with Lightning and enhanced LTE

Apple announces iPad 4 with Lightning and enhanced LTE

Summary: At a special event Apple today announced a slightly updated full-size iPad with a Lightning connector and enhanced LTE connectivity (and four other new pieces of hardware.)

TOPICS: Apple, iPad
Apple announces iPad 4 with Lightning and enhanced LTE - Jason O'Grady

Apple held a "little" media event today at the California theatre in San Jose that turned out to be anything but "little" -- at least as far as hardware is concerned. Apple announced five (count 'em!) new hardware devices, including:

In this post I want to discuss the new iPad 4 which, like the new Mac mini, didn't even garner a press release. 

Easily the most surprising announcement of the day, the iPad 4 comes a short seven months after the iPad 3 which was announced on March 7, 2012

  • Same 9.7" inch Retina display
  • A6X processor - doubles the performance and graphics
  • Next generation ISP (image stabilization processor)
  • 10hour battery life
  • FaceTime HD camera - 720p
  • LTE expanded coverage - Sprint in the U.S., more international carriers
  • WiFi 802.11n - 2x faster
  • Lightning connector
  • Lighting to SD/USB/HDMI/VGA adapters available
  • Same prices $499, $599, $699 for Wi-Fi ($130 premium for LTE)

So, are you buying?

Topics: Apple, iPad

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  • It's good

    It really looks like Apple is going for incremental upgrades, rather than big-bang releases. I think that makes sense, there's less of a dip in sales when people wait for the next big thing.

    But am I buying: No. I think the whole user experience is more than a little dated these days, and it's too expensive to buy just as a toy for the kids.
    Han CNX
    • Christmas

      Can't edit, so additional post:

      Also they may want to get their release cycle more in line with the holiday season. March is of course a completely bone headed time to release anything; Christmas is over, even Chinese New Year is done.
      Han CNX
      • Not necessarily

        March is in the middle of tax season in America. So its not necessarily a bone head move to release in march. People will want to blow their tax refund on an ipad.
        Brian Nowack
  • This just rubs me a it wrong...

    Every time Apple releases an upgrade, iOS or device, we as users, run into the same issue: being made obsolete.
    iPad 3 came out and wife got a new one as within a few weeks a number of her favorite apps posted updates and the updates no long ran on the older setups. Me, I had an iPad2 so was okay for the most part and it, according to past practice, would be good till next year. Well, once again I highly suspect we are going to see new and revised apps that will no longer run on the iPad2 as my year came several months early.

    Don't have this issue on Android and don't know about the Surface strategy yet.
    Another decision point and looks not so good for Apple in my future. Unlike Android devices, Apple's are too expensive to put into a quick (less than 2 year) replacement cycle.

    • You really don't know Apple then

      yes they continue to upgrade their devices, but their older devices do not become obsolete. My macbook is 5 years old and humming like it's brand spanking new. I don't even run any maintenance programs. It just works like new....that's apple. My father-in-law has new clue about computers. I gave him an old 2004 iBook and my 3G iPhone. With the iBook he can no longer do any flash updates and many other OS updates, but the system works flawlessly. He learned the system pretty quicker...much quicker than I thought. He was concerned about the iPhone at first but he's amazed with it now. I understand the Apple bashing, but there's a reason they do what they do...because it just works. People love bells and whistles...and I understand that about the Android and Windows world. But don't bash people who like to keep things simple and organized in the Apple world.
  • How about NO ?

    Buy what you need !!! Not what you want.
    • Correct

      You need none of this stuff.

      Humanity has existed for so many years, without computers, without electricity even.

      Now, tell me, why are you buying any electronic junk? Why you use electricity in your home? Why you drive a car? Etc.

      You don't *need* these things. Stop buying them :)
  • A penny for your thoughts???

    Ok, so why the subject line "A penny for your thoughts???"

    On principle (I'll be dumping my iPad 3 in protest against apple), anyone who follows this post, may be lucky enough to purchase my iPad "3" for one penny - "Yes, shipping will exceed the cost of the unit" - and the special deal here is, you'd be getting the remainder of a 2 year Apple Care plus warranty to boot....


    I'm just sick and tired of all MFR's tactics of a largely priced unit that really does nothing. Ok, so I can send email, look at web pages, port pictures, movies n music around but really am not doing anything truly productive with the unit. I mean, yes, if I really wanted to be productive with it I could but it comes with the added expense of cloud based "almost" ready for not so prime time conversion software or online storage that I have to pay for month to month...

    Frankly, the closest shot I have of a product that will truly suit my needs without having to be tethered to cloud services to do the really important stuff would be an x86-based windows 8 tablet* - up n coming in the future.

    So, why not sell my half-baked ipad 3 for some significant money so I can re-invest in my new w8-pad; like I said it's on principle...

    More ranting - ok, here I go.

    Both android and apple based units are some funky concocted bake-ware all designed so that you have 3 things:

    1. about a week of bragging rights to your peers (or who ever leans over your shoulder and asks - hey, is that the new whatever the heck it is..).
    2. Be saddled with a unit that promotes cloud-based hands geared to pull money out of your pocket
    3. a unit of some sort that within a 2.5 year time can be thrown out because the browsers will be defunct, the battery will die, and new applications wont run on it... And somehow, in your week of bragging rights glory that you had in the beginning, your peers will comment, oh, you still got that thing? here, can I set my beer on it, it looks like the battery is dying so I do not think beer suds will really affect it's value if it shorts that puppy out...

    You probably think I'm some sort of PC-Microsoft-head. Well, the truth of the matter is I am to a greater degree. But here is what I can expect with a Microsoft-based x86 windows 8 pro tablet - facsimile-there-of.

    1. I do not have to be subscribed to any cloud service to operate it. Microsoft does not have to know I am on one of those puppies.

    2. If I really do not like Windows 8, I will have the pure option to remove Windows 8, put on Windows 7, or whatever I want (lest a few touch screen issues). But the point is I am not strapped down with the OS it came with.

    3. Windows 8 pro - no matter what - guarantees 100% file compatibility (based on the massive amount of software options) and connectivity with home / business computers. And for 0% cost to connect to home / office systems - if you knew what free utilities in windows to run (remote desktop). And I might add - 90% of printers would work off of the unit.

    4. The worst case scenario in the end I will have to change batteries, but the unit would still operate and I stand a 99% chance of forward compatibility with upcoming Microsoft systems.

    The current tablet market does not make portability easy - for files etc, and frankly the really true productivity factor of an apple/google-based unit is felt while you are grabbing a cup of coffee or a sandwich to / from / in between home / office. But you are still forced to pay out the butt for cloud services off of those puppies - and you would probably reply to me "oh, but that's just the way it is these days. Pay joe-cloud for this, pay joe-cloud for that" - and my reply back to you is simple. No you don't

    So, iPad 3 for a penny - in a pristine box, stay tuned...
    Robert Garfinkle
    • I'll take you up on that..

      1¢ for an iPad 3, plus shipping.
      • Just might be willing

        I will be putting the ipad 3 up for sale on the day Microsoft releases Windows 8. I will be starting the Price @ 525.00 but within a few days of that, will have a one day sale for a penny. I suspect it'll go like that - but I want to have a few days at a reasonable price. I suspect if it does sell for a penny it'll hit the papers, and I will give em my story... lil fame for me I suppose. Look for the listing on amazon starting next Sunday or so...
        Robert Garfinkle
    • how about $1!
      Nathan Elliott
  • Get real!

    Windows 8 ?!?! Get real. I have been an IT Mgr for over 25 years starting with punch cards, Wang and DEC. Yeah, I'm that old. I use to build 386 and 486 PC also. I was a PC nut for years until my kids forced me to try an iPad2. Bought one just to amuse them and get 'em off my back. 3 weeks later I wouldn't give it up! Time savings is incredible for work and my internet biz. Its' attached to my hip along with my iPhone5. I may upgrade to the iPad4 but for now, my 2 cooks just fine. It's called free will. If you like PC's or Apples, go with it. But don't bash one just because they continue to improve. Just bought a liquid cooled HP and it has more bugs than the bed at Days Inn down the road. I'll keep my iPad2 thanks. Go ahead and revolt. You'll be back.
    Chris Terry
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