Apple Campus 2: Updated plans, imagery, launch date: photos

Apple Campus 2: Updated plans, imagery, launch date: photos

Summary: Apple has updated the plans for its new Apple Campus 2 'Spaceship' design, along with an estimated completion date of mid-2016.


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  • The structure will be supported by large pillars and a steel structure. On the inside of the donut-shaped structure, Apple hopes to include an orchard and a park in the center of the structure.

    Cupertino City Council says that it expects to have updated plans available after Thanksgiving, but did not say when. 

  • A further 2,200 employees will be housed outside the main campus building in the R&D labs on the edges of the campus. Each building spans approximately 300,000 sq. ft. and will have around 300 electric charging stations for electric vehicles on the site.

    Apple said that the delayed opening of the new building is partially due to to it being unable to start work on the new project until 2014, the updated timeline says. 

  • Currently, the dark grey patch on the image is where Apple is currently located at Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA. Around three-four times larger in space, the proposed site for the Apple Campus 2 is shown in red. It's no more than a 10 minute drive down the road.

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  • 650,000 square feet

    of solar panels will produce about 18 MW of power under ideal conditions. I wonder if it will be enough to take them off the grid. With 13,000 people there, just turning on everyone's computers is going to suck down about ten percent of that.
  • when...

    This fails, I'd like to see this stuff being put into real companies, not toy companies.
    • If solar power fails why would you want to see it proliferate?

      And why would it fail? Not that it would, but that comment doesn't make sense.
      • I think he was referring to Apple failing

        because in his world view, some jobs (like, I would guess building cars) are morally superior to other jobs (like designing CPUs or building yachts, I would guess), and therefore the morally inferior jobs should be eliminated and those people be shepherded into morally superior work.
  • Looks Great in Sunshine

    Can't help thinking that when it rains, they'll need 14,200 umbrellas.