Apple event: Live color commentary from ZDNet

Apple event: Live color commentary from ZDNet

Summary: Few things in the tech world are as exciting as product events hosted by Apple. Join my colleagues and I for live commentary on the new Apple products.

TOPICS: Apple, iPad
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UPDATE: We are experiencing technical difficulties with the live coverage. Sorry.

We don't know for certain what Apple has in store for us at Tuesday's event, but we're pretty sure there will be a little iPad of some kind. There's bound to be some other excitement so join me, James Kendrick, and my ZDNet colleagues Adrian Kingsley-Hughes and David Gewirtz for our crack (and irreverent) commentary on Apple's announcements.

Our coverage will go live on Tuesday, October 23 at 10 am PT and we'll roll for however long the event runs. See you then.

Apple's October 23 event

Topics: Apple, iPad

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  • This story shows exactly what's wrong with tech news sites.

    "Few things in the tech world are as exciting as product events hosted by Apple. Join my colleagues and I for live commentary on the new Apple products."

    Wow. If you ever wonder why people believe tech bloggers are shills rather than journalists, just read that sentence again. Your job is to use a skeptics eye and not buy into the hype and marketing that a tech company sprays at these events, none better than Apple. Instead, James (and I'm sure most of his fellow ZD Netters) are like little girls waiting for Beiber.
    • There's not much inaccurate in that statement.

      Love Apple products or hate them, you can't deny the excitement their announcements create. Even if, as tech journalist, you're less than impressed by the technology, the face that Apple is such a huge brand, their actions, by definition are newsworthy, and if you're any kind of journalist that's "exciting." As for the superlative, aside from Google's impressive Glasses announcement, not much in the tech world is as interesting at an Apple announcement. If for nothing else, Dave Grohl, Randy Newman, Alicia Keyes liven things up beyond the boring presentations most companies put on.
    • many will not agree

      Can you name something more exciting then in the tech world? please don't say the M$ surface fail event
      Andrew Brinkman
  • Apple used to be exciting.

    The last few product releases have been very lack luster compared to what Apple used to put on.

    I suspect this will be another round of apple announcing a new screen size with some things a little thinner, faster or whatever.

    They still make nice products though, but a little to much "me too" as of late.
    • ....

      Do you know what is the secret to be exciting? That you make your X (place anything you want there: a gallery, your CV, your portfolio, your house furniture and design, your clothes, or your personality at dating!) to be up and down. To be a predictable and boring and then sudden and fresh with strong opinion or idea. If you always bring new stuff, you began to be boring.
  • One sided...

    Makes me wonder how any company stands a chance against Apple when every news outlet sings praises of them. You have the Surface tablet ready to define it's own niche market, but every "journalist" is also ready to trash it at every chance it gets. Crazy! I thought we are supposed to get excited over new advances, but I guess a miniature iPad will do instead.
    • Cry me a river

      Google the news reports of when the original iPad was released. The gem of the crop: Molly Wood's commentary.
  • I'm waiting

    for them to announce something that isn't an iPad.

    How funny would it be?
    Michael Alan Goff
    • An Apple television!

      Well, that's what Gene Munster keeps saying for the last 3 years...
      William Farrel
      • My guesses include

        > Mac Mini upgrade/re-design
        > iMac upgrade/redesign
        > Smaller/sleeker Mac Pro

        Any of those would be good options.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • First up... 13-inch with Retina display.... BORING

    It looks just the same. Yadda yadda. And the idiots have removed the optical drive. They should be sticking a Blu-Ray in to compete with Windows laptops.

    Shiller is currently talking about how good the Retina display is. Heard it all before. The industrial design has not changed and is seriously starting to look dated. Not impressed, and I say that as a full-blown Apple fan.
    • 2nd up - updated Mac Mini

      Meh. Looks nice. Decent specs.
      • 3rd - new iMac - interesting...

        But why does it need to be so thin - it's a DESKTOP!!! I'm worried that they have dropped the optical drive from this as well...
        • Oh bum.

          They have removed the optical drive from the iMac. What the hell is wrong with these people? The iMac doesn't need to be as thin as an Air, because it's a DESKTOP!!!!! It's not mobile!!!

          I'm actually getting angry just writing this - stupidity appears to be reigning in Cupertino.
        • Fusion drive?

          This was on the last generation of Intel motherboards on the PC at least a year ago, if not longer.

          "For those of you stuck in the past there's a separate optical drive".

          Yes. The external Superdrive you offer is stuck in the past. Most manufacturers have figured out how to put those IN to desktop computers and to make them Blu-Ray.
          • 4th iPad mini

            Damn you Apple. WANT.