Apple event streaming on Apple TV and today

Apple event streaming on Apple TV and today

Summary: For the first time since 2010, Apple will stream live. Now all of the world can see the reveal at the same time.

TOPICS: Apple, iPad

If you weren't one of the fortunate ones to get an invite to Apple's Special Event today, Apple has announced that you can watch it LIVE.

This is big news for two reasons. First, Apple hasn't streamed an event live since 2010, according to TNW. Second, the event will be available LIVE on both Apple TV, via a new Apple Events app, and on's new Apple Events section.

The rumors are still flying about what Apple will announce. Will we see a new iPad mini? Perhaps a new MacBook Air? Maybe a refreshed iPad? New iTunes? New Apple TV? Tune in at 1pm EST to find out.

Topics: Apple, iPad

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  • Sweet!

    I see there is a new channel on my Apple TV called "Apple Events" this morning.
  • All the details are on now

    All the details are on now.

    The funny thing is, now they're saying the iPad with Retina has the lightning connector - I think it's a typo - that just came out with the iPhone 5, iPods, etc. - but long after the iPad "3" came out.
  • All the details are on now

    Actually, I guess they've eliminated the iPad "3" and are making it even more complicated now with the iPad "4" - which I guess has the lightning connector.
  • ipad4

    I don't usually comment on the internet, but today I feel I have to. I feel very let down by Apple. I have always stood by them. I have a 27" iMac the latest ipad3(the most expensive. An iPhone 5. An iPod touch, an iPod classic128g. I love there products, but feel stabbed in the back by them bringing out an ipad4 this early. Bigger and better? Maybe? but I think Apple should compensate loyal customers in some way when they upgrade this quick. I am not a rich man by any means. $829.00 for a new and better iPad this quick is just too much. I know I don't have to buy the biggest and best, but I do, that should mean something.
    • Ouch!!!

      Well we learned something today, the latest iPad you buy today may deliberately become obsolete by Apple in months. People have to stop with this "early adopter" craze and let Apple work harder to make the sale, this should serve as a lesson to them folks.
      Maxwell Williams