Apple fosters love 'down under'

Apple fosters love 'down under'

Summary: cartoonist Christine Lee shows what the iPad really means to Australia.


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Christine Lee

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Christine is full time web designer who loves scribbling with pen and paper. With the help of's writers, she will bring any issue alive!

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  • Fly away iPad

    Because we know it will be a ridiculously over priced data plan.

    What do we think, around $99 for a 1gig data plan?
  • Phoo Phoo Dust

    It floats on a marketing campaign full of hot air doesn't it? I've heard its not all that "flash", which should make interactive web browsing quite an ordinary experience.

    Look out - Apple fanbois <trample>
  • and you think the data plan is going to be the biggest problem?

    Seriously no matter how good, or lack there of, the iPad is. Who seriously is actually going to buy a gadget named after a feminine hygiene product?

    Did iTablet have too many letters?
  • Huh

    Seriously, whats the big deal about this over hyped underwhelming product?
    Its nothing more and nothing less than a 10" iPod touch and yet there are a wide variety of fools who are treating it as the second coming of christ (or jobs).
    Heck, even a lot of the brainwashed applebots are calling apple out over this thing.
  • Criticism - Wait & See: If Looks Could Kill ...

    Interesting how critics are aplenty when almost nobody has had an opportunity to use the iPad yet.
    Apple has had its share of duds and great innovations that failed to get market momentum (eg the Newton with working handwriting recognition etc well before anybody else managed it). Yet Apple stimulates the industry like few others - iPhone look-alikes and wannabes, imitation iMacs and a Windows operating system that tries to emulate the Mac OS look and feel.
    There have been a few 'tablets' and book readers but few have captured the imagination and few look as elegant as this latest product.
    Version 1 will, no doubt, need some work and the software will make or break the product.
    All the critics (prone to invectives such as 'applebots') are advised to wait and see what materialises. If it works, a flood of imitations will be in the wings within months - the greatest form of flatter. BTW - I use a PC at work.
  • No Flash = Big Plus

    No Flash support in the browser is a big plus as far as I am concerned. Not that I think that iPad is any good, but lack of Flash is a good thing.
  • It's a nugget

    The iPad is a nugget. Grossly under-powered web browser, no multi-tasking and no USB. Where is it's demographic? With the Win 3.11 fanboys or what?

    If Crapple want to sell this thing they'd better do some fast work on Version 2 and not waste any time going about it.

    I will not be buying one - ever.
  • No multi-tasking = bigger/repeat downloads

    Cant switch between tasks - wat the??

    Repeat data downloads each time you switch apps - double/tripple the current limit. Some apps are getting better at bookmarking, but even some of the best ones still download the whole content and just reposition to the last known point.

    Even if Apple couldn't do multi-tasking - why not deep sleep the app and save on the startup?!?
    Shine, not substance.
  • iPad will be like the iPhone

    I think this device is going to be big. I had a Windows Mobile Device that packed up a couple of days ago. Bought an iPhone and it is the best phone that I have had. Windows Mobile is *$%ty to put it bluntly.

    I think the iPad will be big and revoltionary. Perhaps all the Apple bashers are living in the past (and yes, I was one myself until a couple of days back).
  • let's wait & see...

    agree with all the comments here, especially Klaus: let's keep in mind that this is the first version, which can only produce feedback to apple on how to improve it for version two (look at iPhone vs iPhone 3G). From what i read, this is Steve's baby so i would assume he's gonna want to make it a success?

    i thought iPad was a great name until it twigged as to what everyone was laughing about!
  • Win3.11

    Whoa, whoa, whoa.

    It almost sounded like you were dissing Windows 3.11, but I suppose I must have been mistaken, no one in their right mind would do so.

    3.11, 95 and 98 were the only consumer editions Windows' that MS actually managed to get right. The less said about ME the better, XP was a Fischer-Price version of NT, Vista was XP but whored up and dumbed down, and 7 is Mac OS X for the illiterate and tasteless. Oh, and throw in arbitrary app/game/driver-support breakdowns at every minor transition.
  • iPad

    I think all this humour is silly, the name has been used for over a decade for various things (info from Wikipedia) with no giggles.

    You wear knee pads to roller-skate, but no one giggles at the use of the pads in the context - they save their snickering for the person roller-skating. Writing pads, pads of paper, mouse pads...

    I've yet to see a joke about the choice of the name iPad that was actually funny.

    Definitely NSFW but worth the watch if you can sneak in the view. &#91;url=;;/url&#93; All I can say is that it involves a chic and a chocolate cake. I won&#39;t spoil the rest.