Apple gives iCloud the iOS 7 design treatment

Apple gives iCloud the iOS 7 design treatment

Summary: The look and feel of Apple's iCloud is now consistent with the new iOS 7 interface slated for release today.

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Apple has taken the wraps off a redesign of the site, bringing it into line with the look of iOS 7.

iCloud app icons have been treated to Apple's iOS 7-inspired flat look and feel, and sit atop an animated background of blurred floating bubbles. Meanwhile, the interfaces in Apple's core apps — such as Calendar, Find my iPhone, Mail, and Notes — have also been modernised.

The website hosts free beta versions of Apple's browser-based iWork suite, including Pages, Numbers and Keynote — although the icons for those remain the same as the OS X version. It's not clear whether its answer to Google Apps and Office 365 will remain free after it moves out of beta, but Apple is offering iWork free for buyers of its new generation of iOS devices

2013-09-18 11.05.27 am

Another change introduced is a shortcut (pictured below) to the home screen in the top left corner of the page within the apps.

2013-09-18 11.55.55 am shortcut

The site debuted just ahead of the release of iOS 7 on Wednesday. Among the new features that the OS will bring are additional mobile device management capabilities, and support for the fingerprint sensor included in the iPhone 5s.

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Topics: Cloud, Apple, iOS

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  • Why is it fuzzy?

    If Apple is pushing ever higher resolution such as their Retina Display, why is the new iCloud interface (on a laptop) fuzzy? The resolution of the characters displayed appears lower than previously. It's almost cartoonish. I didn't like the old-fashioned wood grains of the old interface but I expected to see a sharper and cleaner iCloud interface. What's displaying right now is washed out with little contrast and poor character rendering. Is it supposed to look like that?
    • Which browser are you using?

      If you are using Chrome, that could be part of the problem. While I like Chrome, they still haven't addressed the horrid font rendering which is becoming more obvious as displays are improving. Surprisingly, IE 10+ looks so much better than Chrome for its font rendering. Try it in IE and see how it compares.
  • ugh

    Looks like a "Jony Ive Redesigns Things" parody.
  • Those iWork icons

    Am I the only one who still thinks they look out of place?
    Michael Alan Goff
  • Why did a company devoted to Creativity (for the most part) go to Flat Land

    I really liked the look and feel of the old iCloud, but now, in new Apple form, I have been forced to use this Flat, Bland, Ho-Hum, "Nothing Special" interface.
    Forced to use it, because I don't have the choice to choose what theme I would like to use.

    Does anyone remember Apple's Original TV Ad ? Throwing the Hammer at "Big Brother" ?
    My how the tables turn when they became Big Brother !‎‎
    Paul Hawkins