Apple goes on charm offensive with new iPhone launch

Apple goes on charm offensive with new iPhone launch

Summary: UPDATED: Twitter has verified Tim Cook's account. He garnered more than 33,000 followers in the span of an hour.


Unless you are truly disconnected from the world (in which case, how are you reading this?), then you know that Apple is in the midst of another iPhone launch day causing frenzies worldwide.

However, the international retail event is unusual compared to past iPhone and iPad launches for a few reasons.

The most obvious one is that Apple is rolling out two brand new iPhone models simultaneously, even if one of them doesn't exactly cater to the "low-end" smartphone market as previously expected (or at least, hoped).

But for a company notorious for being tight-lipped, not speaking to the press (at least as often as some other tech giants) and keeping the guest list extremely tight when it does host a media event, Apple is exhibiting some more humble PR approaches today.

For starters, CEO Tim Cook himself greeted eager beavers in line this morning at the Apple Store in Palo Alto, not far from the company's headquarters in Cupertino. Apple senior vice presidents Phil Schiller and Eddie Cue reportedly did the same at another location in the area.

It also looks like Cook is utilizing another venue to speak directly to even more of Apple's customer base: Twitter.

While not verified yet when this article was published, a Twitter account for Tim Cook emitted its first Tweet shortly after noon PT on Friday:

Naturally, there was an immediate firestorm of debate as to whether or not this account is valid. But said Tweet was soon after re-Tweeted by Schiller's verified account. Additionally, CNBC tweeted that it confirmed with Apple that Cook's account is the real deal.

Given Cook's highly-publicized and curated public appearances in China amid the Foxconn hubbub along with appearances and interviews at Wall Street investor conferences, perhaps none of these moves should be considered surprising.

Arguably, Cook has demonstrated a more hands-on, maybe even humble, approach in speaking to analysts, journalists and consumers than his predecessor, Steve Jobs. It almost feels like a breath of fresh air.

Certainly, the public appearances, the Twitter account -- these are all calculated PR moves part of a growing charm offensive on Cupertino's part to convince everyone it's not out of touch.

While Apple can still turn out the crowds and churn buzz like ever before, perhaps the tech giant has finally realized its fallibility in the face of Android's domestic and international market shares, recognizing it doesn't have the mobile market wrapped up like it might have before.

Image: James Martin, CNET

UPDATE: Twitter has since verified Cook's account. He garnered more than 33,000 followers in the span of an hour.

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  • A worldwide firestorm?

    And that's why Android is blowing Apple out of the water...because of all these yearly firestorms. Wow.
  • Apple marketing magic.

    Apple marketing, will be taught in the business schools of the future. How to create demand, for products of dubious quality. Kool-Aid, all around. A company that came close to non-existence, is now one of the world's tech giants, amazing stuff.
    • All you need

      Is a large collection of stupid people.
      Some parts of the world have these in abundance unfortunately.
  • I love apple I hate the color scheme of the IOS7

    Please please please give us options to move beyond fisher price and candy crush saga
    or let me go back
  • kandy

    like Victor explained I'm dazzled that anyone can get paid $9763 in 1 month on the computer. Discover More......
  • Marketing Case Study

    I am not an owner of any apple products, and I wouldn't spend so much time for a commodity unless it is a critical need or unless they are giving it for free. And I think you are the master of your own wallet, buy whatever that pleases you, nobody should ever question your choice, much like nobody should be bothered by these apple fans' choices too. While i can't understand the queues, I'm equally clueless about sour grapes against apple and its fans.

    To all those people who are jealous of Apple's success, why not waste less time in spewing sour grapes online, but instead, spend the time to educate their own favorite brands like Samsung, MS etc. on how to create such high loyalty to themselves. It is a shame that while those Apple rivals who clearly have better specifications and yet still fail to achieve such high level of anticipation and fanaticism toward their products. I bet their marketing gurus are swallowing lots of sleeping pills these few weeks. Call these Apple fans iSheep or whatever insulting names, i bet all the other brands are jealous till death now. Actually, the more people ridicule these so called iSheep, the more they are slapping the faces of the marketing people of Samsung, Nokia, Ms etc. because EVENTHOUGH their products are clearly having better and higher specs, there's no queue for their products, but this supposedly more inferior products from apple do...... please spare them this embarrassment and don't make them lose their jobs.

    From the marketing people's point of view, this phenomenon of Apple's "cult" is what they'd die to create for their products. Do you seriously think that Samsung, Nokia, MS etc. wouldn't wish at all that they too can achieve such level of fanaticism for their own products? do we really think that the Prada denim is worth 30 times the price of a no-brand denim from China? or is the Rolex watch really worth 40 times than an equivalent piece from Seiko? Look, Apple will be (if it hasn't already) a classic and unique study case of all marketing courses in all universities' business schools, and they will have to find out the true reasons that made it happen as it is now, a simple excuse of "iSheep" or "brainwashing" will only worth an "F", you'll have to do better than that.
    • Re: Samsung, Nokia, MS etc. wouldn't wish at all that they too can achieve

      Samsung and the other Android vendors may not have as many people wanting to be seen queueing up outside a store for hours or days at a time, but they have far more people actually willing to spend money on their products.

      Which do you think the shareholders would prefer?
  • Even Thieves Don't Want The 5C

    One of the last few 5Ses at the London Apple Store gets nicked within seconds of being bought, loads of 5Cs left untouched:
    • I never wanted iPhone even as a free gift to anyone

      I caught myself trying to explain that amazing phenomenon...And today I even puke at what I see from Apple. I like Steve Jobs very much though, the guy was a star, a fresh air in the swamp.