Apple iOS 6.1.3 update rolls out, fixes lock-screen security flaw

Apple iOS 6.1.3 update rolls out, fixes lock-screen security flaw

Summary: An update to iOS is now available to download, closing a security loophole that allowed anyone to unlock an iPhone and access personal information without knowing the passcode.


An update to iOS 6.1.3 is now rolling out to Apple device owners as an over-the-air update, fixing a lock-screen flaw that allowed people to access information stored on the handset without knowing the passcode.


The update states that it includes improvements and other bug fixes including "fixing a bug that could allow someone to bypass the passcode and access the iPhone app".

The issue could allow anyone who knows the trick to unlock a phone and access call logs, contacts, favourite contacts, make calls and even access photos on the device by trying to add a photo to a contact.

Apple had promised to fix the problem when it was unearthed in mid-February, but despite rolling out an update to iOS 6.1.2 to fix an email sync problem, the security flaw remained

The 6.1.3 update started rolling out to some users on Tuesday, and as well as fixing the potential security vulnerability, also improves the performance of the Maps app in Japan.

In the ZDNet office, both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 units were able to update to the new version of the software.

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  • Kudos apple

    So when will you release the patch to fix all the bugs in this patch that was released to patch the patch that you patched in the patch that patched the 6th version of this OS?

    apple has the worst QA in the business.
    • Secrets of Apple's customer success
    • Yet the best customer satisfaction rating...

      Thats so weird.
      • You apple people have problems with the concept of mutually exclusive

        They won an award AND they have terrible QA. These are not mutually exclusive.

        PS WP8 owners like their phones better than iphone owners, in part due to ios's horrible UX and terrible QA. Keeping up to date with ios patches reminds me of the old tamagotchis where you constantly had to pay attention to your device or it died.,2817,2416521,00.asp


        All eyes may be on Apple and Google these days, but Microsoft has delivered a mobile platform--Windows Phone 8, that bests both of those companies in user satisfaction. It delivers to its users on nearly every aspect of the mobile phone experience."
        • Typical Toddy silliness

          When PC Mag readers (PC Mag!!) vote for Win8...that means that MS is AWESOME. When the well-recognized and highly respected organization JD Power says that "For the eighth consecutive study, Apple ranks highest among manufacturers of smartphones in customer satisfaction." then that's just "an award".

 Toddy's standard...PC Mag readers responding to a survey = great study, solid data BUT when it's JD Power whose measurements are based on responses from millions of consumers annually....8 years in a row then that = meh...that's life in Toddyworld. Silliness itself...transparent too
          • I've hurt your feelings

            Fine. I see I have hurt your delicate sensibilities. So in the spirit of friendship, I will let you fill in the blank with whatever you would have described this award as being:

            apple _____________ AND they have terrible QA. These are not mutually exclusive.

            Now, let's move on to where you are totally incorrect in what you wrote:

            "When PC Mag readers (PC Mag!!) vote for Win8"

            PC Mag readers (an electronics magazine that is notably NOT called Windows PC Mag) did NOT vote for the product they liked the best NOR was the product in question Windows 8. The product was phone OSs and people were asked to RATE their satisfaction with their devices. WP8 users who happen to read PC Mag rated their satisfaction as higher than iphone users who happen to read PC Mag. At no point were people asked to vote for one product over another.

            But, I know that your employer needs you to spread your astro-turfer FUD on ZDNet so that's what you'll do. Honesty isn't important to you, only pay for posts.
          • Irony...I've categorically denied being refuse to do so

            I've stated very clearly that my posts here are purely amateur. Despite my urging, you have never done the same. The transparency and consistency of your thousands of posts put against the few of mine (maybe four or five a week) makes is stunningly clear which of us is paid to be's you!
          • Toddbottom3 has to take em where he can get em I suppose.

            Not the greatest time to be a Microsoft thrall.
          • When is it?

            "Thrall is from the Old Norse þræll meaning a person who is in bondage or serfdom."

            When is it a great time to be a "thrall" of any huge manufacturing company?

            No thanks, I'll continue to be free while you continue to defend your master against any that will not bend their knee.
  • there will still be flaws in the ancient ios.

    Apple can't get it right like BlackBerry. Blackberry is the king of mobile computing. Z10 rules.
    • Your BlackBerry's dirty little security secret

      Your BlackBerry's dirty little security secret are too many to name, so just see this link:
      • Surely you jest

        A 3-yr old article? Sorry, right now BlackBerry QNX-based devices (let's talk current offerings) are the only devices that are not yet rooted.
    • Big news

      BB10 got an update almost immediately after it was released.

      I mean, you'd think that all software has bugs or something.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • This Just In: All Software Has Bugs

    Who knew?
    P.F. Bruns