Apple iOS 7.1 flaws, problems and fixes

Apple iOS 7.1 flaws, problems and fixes

Summary: If you're having teething issues with Apple's latest update, from battery issues to Bluetooth, you're not the only one -- but solutions exist.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • Poor battery life

    Battery life issues appears to be one of the main problems associated with an upgrade to Apple's iOS 7.1. Some users say that after upgrading, iPhones and iPads use juice far more rapidly, and intense use can result in a drain of up to 50 percent in an hour. One Apple forum user said that battery life drops by 5 - 7 percent when on standby for over five hours. 

    The solution? In order to fix the problem, try putting your mobile device through several charge and re-charge cycles. Additionally, use Settings - General - Reset and perform a "soft" reset first: Reset All Settings, and if that doesn't work, consider nuking everything via Erase All Content and Settings and reinstalling iOS 7.1 via iTunes. 

    If these fail, you may simply have to wait for a bug fix from Apple to arrive.

    See also: Poor battery life after installing iOS 7.1? Try these simple tips

    Image credit: CNET/CBS Interactive 

  • The five second lag

    A number of users on Apple's community forum say that the iOS 7.1 upgrade has caused a lag of up to five seconds when using your mobile device's keyboard. 

    The solution? Performing a reset of your device by holding down the Sleep/Wake and Home button for at least ten seconds has been touted as a solution. Failing this, go to Settings - General - Reset - and click Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

    Image credit: Apple Communities

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • iOS 7 nothing but problems

    Not only does iOS 7 look bad, but the bug and security holes are getting out of control. My daughter has had to do 2 system resets in the past 2 months. She also has issues resuming facetime after she uses another app. Skype works fine. The lightning charger is also constantly reporting the it is "not certified". Very annoying, since I have to hear about the problems all the time. My Win Phone is way more reliable.
    Sean Foley
    • I haven't had any problems

      Neither has either daughter or my wife. Maybe we get a different iOS 7.1 in Canada?
      • You got the same version as we did

        In te US. It hasn't negatively affected my 5s, nor anyone else I know. "Sean Foley" sounds like a Microsoft Fanboy: Note he's advocating everyone should use aMicrosoft product, over everything else. "She also has issues resuming facetime after she uses another app. Skype works fine."? Skype is only riddled with spyware, and Microsoft keeps a opt of every "conversation", unencrypted for the NSA.
        I hate trolls also
    • Lightning charger

      I had that "not certified" message too. It was because I was using a cheap third party cable.
      • Had Those Cheap Cables Too

        I had a four pack of those third-party cables and kept getting that message. I ditched them (they cost me only a few bucks) and found out there is a second generation cloned Lightning chip out now that does not have that problem. I have two 10ft Lightning cables using the new chip that I paid $7.99 for and they work fine so far with iOS 7+ and my iPad Air. The iPad Air is especially tricky as it needs cables that can carry the higher amperage needed to charge it.
        • Had Those Cheap Cables Too

          dude, where to buy that second generation cloned Lightning??
    • I've had no issues

      With my iPhone 5 or my iPhone 4S running any flavor of iOS 7. Nor has my daughter or wife on their iPhones. No issues with security holes, no issues with having to do system resets, no issues with facetime or any of the chargers I use with the sole exception of one an aftermarket charger that still charges my phone despite the "not certified" warning. Perhaps you should take the phone back as your daughter my have a defective unit - it happens even with Apple products. Or is it easier as a WP proponent to sit behind a keyboard and gripe about it?
    • Re: iOS 7 nothing but problems

      I too have had zero problems with iOS 7.1 update. In fact it makes my poor old iPhone 4 run slightly better I think.
      And I actually don't hate the look of iOS 7. Whether it is an improvement over iOS 6, I'm not really sure, but it's fine.
    • Apple needs to get their act togerther

      Apple needs to get its act in order, if I wanted to go through this type of cr@p, I would have bought an MS product.
    • @Sean Foley Obviously a post just to push win phone

      My daughter has a iPhone 5c and there have been no issues, except the plastic is chipping, she says. I also have no issues with a nexus 5, and its a better value than either phone.
  • And what aout the flaws?

    Maybe the long list of flaws will be fixed with the upcoming iPHone 6,7,8.9 .........................

    Time to junk IOS it is simply too basic for us human beings, long live(or sell) OS/X
  • iOS7's personal hotspot problem is a bug

    It is not true that the personal hotspot not working after iOS 7.1 update is a carrier problem. Apple has recognized (after SEVEN days and many users complaining for a whole week !!!) that it is a bug. Let's see when they solve it.

    It's unbelievable that a company like Apple produces code with so bad quality. Do not they test before releasing software?. A few days back we learnt about the HTTPS blunder and now this iOS 7 full of problems.

    Apple, I feel very disappointed.
    • "Do not they test before releasing software?"

      Why should they, when they can simply use all of the faithful as Beta Testers. Worked like a charm for years, so far.

      After all, Lemmings have very short memories.
    • It's unbelievable that a company like Apple produces code with so bad

      Name any company that tests more than Apple.
      • Except the app Boom

        Except the app 'Boom' - blew out the speakers on my MBP, nobody's business as 'our software has no function to damage your speakers' said Urug, chief wanker.
        Advertised everywhere to increase your volume -
        Apple don't care, still list it -
      • Apple's fault. Do not look anywhere else.

        I do not care about what testing other companies make.

        It's my iPhone (Apple's product) which is not working properly since last buggy iOS 7.1 update.
    • same problem

      My wife's hotspot was working fine before the update and stopped working after. It also deleted several of her notes (dating back two weeks). The important ones were backed up. After a restart, the hotspot is still down.
    • Hotspot problem

      Interestingly enough, I am reading this article on a laptop while using my personal hotspot. No issues so far.
  • Not so unbelievable

    It's almost time to pony up for the new model. Apple has found nothing primes their minions better than turning their current device into a steaming pile of suck after an OS "upgrade."
  • Battery life?

    Strange that users report reduced battery life on every version of iOS since version 1, but that overall battery life is significantly longer now, than it was then.

    Surely given a few hundred million users, there will always be some who are having battery problems when a new version comes out?

    And doesn't that make it a complete waste of everyones time continuing to report it unless you can come up with some statistics that makes it look significant?
    Henry 3 Dogg