Apple iOS 7.1 patches 41 vulnerabilities

Apple iOS 7.1 patches 41 vulnerabilities

Summary: Dozens of fixes address many serious bugs, courtesy of Google, jailbreakers and others.

TOPICS: Security, Apple, iOS

iOS 7.1, released today, fixes 41 vulnerabilities in the most recent version of the operating system.

The Webkit browser engine used by the Safari browser accounts for 19 of the vulnerabilities, and nine of these were reported to Apple by the Google Chrome Security Team. Any of the 19 could be used by a remote attacker to take user control of the device. Combined with a privilege escalation exploit, the user could take administrative control. (There are no such vulnerabilities in this set, but there have been many over the years.)

An especially interesting vulnerability is in dyld, OS X's dynamic linker/loader. The impact is "Text relocation instructions in dynamic libraries may be loaded by dyld without code signature validation. This issue was addressed by ignoring text relocation instructions." Normally bypassing code signing would be considered a very significant bug, but if the solution is to ignore the problem then perhaps it's not.

Even more interesting, Apple credits "evad3rs" for this vulnerability. They are likely referring to the purveyors of jailbreaks for iOS. Apple credits evad3rs with a total of four vulnerabilities, including one which could allow arbitrary code execution in the kernel, the stuff of which jailbreaks are made. [UPDATE: Previously the"evad3rs" link went to a different site which claimed to have an iOS 7,1 jailbreak. The site appears not to be a "legit" evad3rs site.]

It's not uncommon for Apple to patch vulnerabilities which were disclosed long ago. Several of the Webkit vulnerabilities date to last fall, but one (CVE-2012-2088), was reported in June, 2012. Apple patched it in OS X in March of 2013.

Topics: Security, Apple, iOS

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  • Reported in June 2012

    Premium Prices For Premium Service!
    • What is your point?

      “Premium Prices For Premium Service!”
      • Errr

        Maybe he means Apple users pay more than non-Apple users for their hardware. Who knows. But you ain't getting premium development with 41 vulnerabilities!
        • What is premium development?

          2nd question is premium development is determined by the vulnerabilities?
      • The point is

        Apple left their iOS customers hanging. Not only is it almost 2 years old (!!!), but more importantly this bug was a cross-operating system bug and was fixed in OS X last year.

        Security researchers are referring to low-risk days and high-risk days as days where the bug exists but exploitation details are not widely known and days where the exploitation details are readily available to anyone who pays attention, respectively.

        This bug was high-risk for an entire year! During that year any attacker could reverse engineer the OS X bug and learn details on how to exploit any iOS device.

        For all we know, this could have happened. If the bug was used to compromise high-value targets through waterhole attacks, you may never know what hit you.
    • What the Hell are you on about?

      The update is free.
      • He's poking fun

        At the mantra that people pay a premium for Apple products because they're premium products.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • 19 vulnerabilities

    I guess it is a good thing that I avoid using Safari as much as possible.
    • Chrome for ios

      Uses the ios webkit not google's - its why its the only version of chrome still using webkit
      • which is why gogle would report the bugs to them

        Otherwise no reason.
  • that evad3rs link is wrong

    their site is and doesn't have a jailbreak yet for ios 7.1. the link posted leads to some scammy sounding site...
    • thanks

      I guess you're right. I changed it. Who knows what those people are, but they're trading on the good name of "evad3rs."
      Larry Seltzer
  • More Apple issues

    Considering 7.0.6 wasn't that long ago and 7.0 came out just last fall, the number of these vulnerability/bug fixes seem to be increasing faster than ever.
    One could say Apple is fixing the problems more frequently but considering one bug is 21 months old....
    Others could say the iOS is in more and more crosshairs by those who create malware [aside from Google's snitching service].
    • Your point?

      “but considering one bug is 21 months old....”

      What is this service?
      “Google's snitching service”
  • Noticeably faster on the iPhone 4.

    It's also noticeably faster on the iPhone 4.
  • I have vulnerabilities.

    Nobody's upgraded me, I just keep getting older.