Apple iPad remains dominant as tablets drive Europe's device market

Apple iPad remains dominant as tablets drive Europe's device market

Summary: Tablet market growth will slow this year, and there may be some good news for PC sales, too.


Around 45 million tablets were sold in Western Europe last year — up 51.4 percent on 2012 — with Apple remaining in pole position in terms of shipments, new research has found.

And while growth in sales will likely now begin to slow, sales of tablets and two-in-one devices will jump by nearly 18 percent this year, according to calculations by analyst group IDC.

Apple's iPad accounted for nearly 15 million of the tablets shipped in Western Europe in 2013, the company said, followed by Samsung at 10.2 million. Asus was third with its own product line as well as the Nexus range it produces for Google.

Nearly 70 million PCs, tablets, and smartphones were shipped in Europe in the last quarter of 2013, and a grand total of 230 million digital devices across the year – up 9.7 percent compared to 2012. According to IDC the market is likely to grow five percent this year, led by strong demand for tablets.

"The accelerated adoption of tablets is having a significant impact on the way consumers and businesses use and consider their computing devices. The frontiers between private and professional are blurring," said Chrystelle Labesque, IDC's EMEA personal computing research manager.

More tablets sold means less consumers buying PCs: the consumer PC market contracted by 2.4 percent in the last quarter of the year, even though the commercial segment grew 3.5 percent thanks to PC renewal projects in business.

IDC said that this year, the PC market will benefit from "a softer contraction" in the consumer space and sustained business shipments, driven by ongoing PC refreshes.

IDC said HP maintained "solid leadership" in the European PC market, while Lenovo continued to be the fastest — and only growing — player in 2013 and reinforced its second position.

Unsurprisingly, smartphones continue to sell in the largest volumes — accounting for 55 percent of the total smart connected device space as defined by IDC and 38 million units in the fourth quarter of 2013, growing at10.4 percent for the year. IDC said growth is expected to remain "sustained" in 2014 at around four percent.

Samsung continued to lead the Western European smartphone market, followed by Apple and Sony, with the top three covering more than 70 percent of the market in 2013.

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  • Re: iPad remains dominant....

    That certainly coinsides with what I see on a daily basis.
    • Ipad is like a VW beetle

      First off I hate car metaphors when talking tech. If you are old enough think back to the VW beetle heyday. They all looked so alike it took a good eye to determine the model year. It seemed like half or more of the cars on the road were beetles.

      The ipads all look very similar and they are in a similar position to make their already large numbers look larger. All the other tablets whether android or windows come in all sizes shapes and colors and this makes them seem more insignificant in the wild.
  • Contradictions

    This entire column is full of contradictions and oxymoron's. Most people use both a PC and another device like a tablet, not one or the other. Content creation and content consumption devices are two separate markets, yet most people participate in both especially if they work for a living.

    "More tablets sold means less consumers buying PCs: the consumer PC market contracted by 2.4 percent in the last quarter of the year, even though the commercial segment grew 3.5 percent thanks to PC renewal projects in business."
    Sean Foley
  • How can you say the iPad is dominant?

    45 million tablets shipped, of which only one third were iPads.

    I don't about you, but when I was at school we were taught that means that 30 million of shipments were 'not' iPads ...

    So, in summary, twice as many non-iPad tablets were sold as iPad tablets.

    I think your heading may need careful re-wording, can I suggest the following: -

    "iPad faces market share slump"
    • IPad is a name brand Apple.

      Were Windows tablets and Android tablets are not name brands of a product but an OS.So it is wrong to combine all sales under the OS they sell with, but rather comparing Apples to Apples the name brads these others sell under like Galaxy for instance. So Apple clearly wins with a full third of the market under one brand, or Apple iPad. The others are split up in any number of ways.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • Wrong

        The AK-47 holds the largest market share of assault rifles in the world. BUT... the rifle is/has been made by over 40 countries. That fact does not diminish its market share.

        The iPad is not the dominant tablet being sold in western Europe, that would be Android variants. Heck, its hard to find the correct numbers for Windows tablets, such as the Dell Venue 8 Pro or Lenovo Miix but my assumption is as Baytrail transforms to x64, this segment of the tablet market will really take off.
        Rann Xeroxx
        • Wrong.. Theyu the AK 47s use the a same bullets as the others but they are

          are by different companies and profit per sale goes to different sources.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
    • iPads vs. non iPads

      i.e. two to three models vs. hundreds? Yep, as an owner of one of the hundreds in the "also too" category, I believe that qualifies a vendor to talk about their dominance. Nobody - nobody - else has a market position like Apple in tablets. Not even close.
  • The funny things is

    I still hear "they don't get viruses because no one uses them" schtick from PC advocates.
    Tony Burzio
    • SSL?

      They need to update .. Now it is all about SSL security holes and knowing how to code a GOTO loop.
      • As hard as it is to believe, and I know it's hard even Apple is not perfect

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
    • The correct statement would be...

      You can't get a virus on something that doesn't do anything.

      Actually the same can be said of a completely locked down Windows 8.1 PC. Turn on DRM so only things you can install comes from the MS store, block all ports except 80, give only User access, etc. In other words, turn a PC into a iOS device that basically can only run sandboxed store apps.
      Rann Xeroxx
      • This elitist view

        that you keep spouting that implies all those millions of purchasers of the iDevices you hate are idiots just makes you appear more isolated, out-of-touch and, stupid than you (probably) are.

        Get out some more, talk some more to real people, and recognise that the world is a big place, and that people are finally using computing devices (tablets) for the things that computing has been promoting for the last generation or more. And that the iPad is still the gold standard by which tablets are measured.
        • iPad the "gold standard"? You're using the wrong terminology...

          That Apple iPads are the most recognizable brand, does not equate to them being the best or the standard.

          Fact is that, there are many other tablets that are far superior to the iPads, and they're made by Microsoft and MS's partner OEMs and by Android tablet makers.

          You're still thinking about the iPad of 4 years ago, when other tablets couldn't compete, and where the current players didn't even make any.
          • yawn........

            did you not understand the stats quoted above??
          • Stats are besides the point; I was replying to the iPad being held as the


            Learn the difference, and learn to read comments in the context in which they're written.
          • "gold standard"??

            what about that do you struggle to understand??

            Want to check out Consumer Reports' recommendations wrt tablets??? Nah didn't think so (hint - the highest rating of a tablet ever)...

            Last week, here down-under, Consumer (think Consumer Reports) also recommended the iPad Air as the best tablet of the bunch - with all the usual suspects in the mix.

            Shock horror. No-one is surprised. Apart from you. Call them - I'm sure they will listen to you. I won't.
  • Apple i Pad

    This device is not number 1 in my house. I suspect that a lot of these buyers are fairly computer illiterate or else they would look around for a better price value comparison. I would pick any Android Tablet over an Apple. As is commonly noted they are overpriced, but for people who do enjoy comparison shopping, buying an i Pad is a safe bet. I wonder if that will still be the case in 10 to 20 years. As people get more squashed in their disposable income they may have to make some difficult choices.
  • Android has 98% of mobile malware.

    And of course that is only because it is such a dominant platform, right?
    • Now it's up to 99.9%

      Android must really be getting popular!