Apple iPad to kill in-flight movies: Jetstar

Apple iPad to kill in-flight movies: Jetstar

Summary: Jestar chief information officer Stephen Tame believes Apple's iPad tablet may see the end of the airline providing in-flight entertainment to passengers.

TOPICS: Apple, iPad

Jetstar chief information officer (CIO) Stephen Tame believes Apple's iPad tablet may end airlines providing in-flight movies and television to stave off boredom.

Speaking to, Tame said the tablet "may lead in the future the end of airline in-flight entertainment systems".

"A lot of airline customers do this now with iPods [and] MP3 players; however, the usage take-up was limited by size of the screens," he said.

Tame, who would be waiting for mark II of the tablet before he purchased one for himself, said the new platform would move Apple's App Store "from toys to true functional business and consumer applications".

The larger screen size, when compared to the iPhone, would "significantly change the capability of available applications", he said.

The iPad tablet was unveiled in San Francisco yesterday. There are two models, one of which was confirmed to be available in March by an Australian Apple spokesperson.

Only the Wi-Fi version has been confirmed for Australia. The Wi-Fi and 3G iPad would be available in April in the US and could not be confirmed for down under.

Topics: Apple, iPad

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  • hmmm

    Sounds like someone trying to justify ditching inflight entertainment.

    How long does the battery last on those things anyway when playing movies and games?
  • Inflight on Jetstar

    On Jetstar to get entertainment, for a price by the way, you get a brick with a limited amount of movies to sit on your tray table. If it was good quality and part of the price of the ticket there would be nothing to worry about.
  • Ridiculous

    I don't think the Apple iPad, or indeed any device, would have enough battery life to replace in-flight movies.
  • iPAD

    Can't really see the broad appeal of the iPAD except as a fad purchase. If you need to enter data the touch screen would be annoying and it has no USB port. I can imagine it may be useful in environments that require detailed graphics - design, marketing but perhaps not engineering in the field (not tough enough).
  • Crazy

    So does this guy think that the thousands of people who fly jetstar will all have one of these?? I don't think so, but perhaps if they gave you entertainment with your ticket more people may use it.
    I'm glad he's not my CIO with a vision like this.
  • In-seat chargers

    Hopefully thinking like this will lead to a USB charger being placed in every seat. That would allow you to power up your iPod, iPad and the vast majority of mobiles available today.

    That way you can bring the entertainment of your choice... just like you can bring your own food on Jetstar. And if you forget your charger cable, I'm sure Jetstar will be only too happy to sell you one for $20.
  • Noobs, gets over the USB thing!

    Kinda over all these kiddies crying about the lack of USB on the iPad, GET OVER IT!

    Just like 2000 when the iMac came out, and all the PC fans cried because it didn't have PCI Exp ports, or even when Apple first ditched the FDD

    If you can't figure out how to use Bluetooth/Wifi or how to store your data online, then it is time you learn how!
  • Blah

    Have people lost the ability to read books and magazines? Why do most people need to carry all this electronic crap with them? Indeed why are some of us fighting over the necessity for a USB connection when we could be untertaking activities that don't put a strain on the eyes or place a further burden on the electricity supply?
  • IFE = Content

    An IPad will never replace IFE because what an airline is really buying is a content subscription with the right to show it. IPads licensing deals are to onsell to individual customers, public showing is strictly prohibited.

    I do like the idea that these interfaces will iterate back into the new IFE systems for airlines around the world though. Oh hang on, their all patented so no one can actually reuse them...
  • But... my Netbook already did the job well

    7 hours on an Asus 1000HE baby!

    But I reckon there will soon be a rule about not watching 'appropriate material' in flight... and some idiot will get caught by that.
  • Oh Really...

    So everyone who travels on Jetstar will have an iPAD? Has the man gone mad? He and his airline appear to be catering to the holiday makers who are less likely to be taking a laptop whoops iPAD with them.

    I agree, he's just trying to find an excuse to make his budget airline even more budget!
  • Bored Backpacker

    So Stephen Tame thinks all those people using Jetstar to get to their holiday are now expected to lug an iPad with them, using up their already limited baggage allowance to carry a device many would prefer to forget about while on holiday, just so they have some entertainment in flight.

    Dumb. Just another reason not to fly Jetstar.
  • What else can Jetstar takeaway...

    Hey, I own a chair, can I bring that along and sit in the aisle and get a discount because I don't sit in one of Jetstars' seats?
  • Get it right

    I'm sure you are trolling but anyway you should get your facts right. PCI Express wasn't out in 2000 it came out years later.

    As for USB port, it is also useful for charging devices and as micro-USB is becoming a standard for mobile devices for data and power it would be nice if apple would adopt it instead of a proprietary adaptor. Though I can't say how well that would work for video out connections.
  • Sort of

    True the iPad is not going to help battery life or eye strain. For that you'd look to a kindle which uses an electronic ink based system, only uses power to change the page and does not cause eye strain.

    But it isn't just about power, the magazines you read consume paper products, power, water and other chemicals to produce. So don't forget everything we use an an environmental impact.
  • can you read?

    where in his comments did he make mention of Jetstar doing any of this? prior to posting you comments, how bout you take the time to make sure you have understood the article. its all too easy to bag and complain about something even if youve gone off on a tangent not quite relevant to the comments in question. wouldnt you (if you had one) take it on a flight instead of using your credit card to pay for inflight foxtel for instance?
  • Rumour

    I heard that Jetstar was refitting its jets with straps on their wings. Plus, discount resuscitation if you fall unconscious during the trip.
  • Interesting to see that as of the release date of the iPad, Jetstar had announced they would be supplying the iPad as a replacement for their current bricks as in-flight entertainment! Big turn around in opinion by Jetstar!!