Apple iPhone 5s: Two months later and I couldn't be happier

Apple iPhone 5s: Two months later and I couldn't be happier

Summary: It took me about a month to decide to pick up an iPhone 5s, but thanks to the hardware, accessories, software, and available applications I am using it as my daily driver.


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  • Fantastical lets me access my calendar and reminders

    I seem to get bored with iPhones, but keep buying them to test them out and compare to my other phones. However, after two months with the Apple iPhone 5s, I am more satisfied than I have ever been with an iPhone and my desire to purchase a new phone is cooled at the moment.

    There are several reasons I enjoy the iPhone 5s with the defining factor being the quality and quantity of available applications and services. Android and Windows Phone may have better pieces of hardware, but it is the complete iOS experience that appeals to me and has made my life simpler and richer. Here is why I still like the iPhone 5s.


    Like the iPhone 5, the 5s is a very well designed smartphone with metal and glass used in an elegant manner. The chamfered polished edges look great and the display has one of the widest viewing angles of any smartphone. I love that I can slide it into my front jeans pocket and carry it at any time without worrying about too much bulk.

    The speaker is very loud and clear, I can actually hear podcasts in my car better with the iPhone 5s than with my HTC One and BoomSound speakers.

    The TouchID home button is fantastic and I find it very convenient to unlock my iPhone and make iTunes purchases. TouchID became even more useful when I set it up with my fingers at a slight angle. When I first set it up with my fingers straight on it never worked and frustrated the heck out of me. The straight on approach is not how I naturally press the button so I recommend you try it at a slight angle and ignore the image in the wizard.

    The camera is wonderful and I have captured hundreds of great photos and videos over the last couple of months. The front facing camera also works well and I have been enjoying FaceTime video with my college daughter.

    Performance has been great and I haven’t even seen the crashes and issues that many have been talking about. Apple included a 64-bit processor so the iPhone 5s is built for the future too.


    There are thousands of accessories for the Apple iPhone, including cases, batteries, chargers, and more. With so many accessories, you can find high quality options and low cost options so the entire spectrum is covered.

    Having so many accessories also means it is easy to find these accessories when you are out and about. I travel quite a bit and like that I can pick up something I forgot in the airport or at any local drugstore.


    I personally like iOS 7, maybe because I wasn’t a die hard iPhone user before the iPhone 5s and I wanted to see something a bit different from Apple with this version of the operating system.

    The multi-tasking interface reminds me of webOS and is the best I have used on a current smartphone OS. I like that you can swipe up with multiple fingers to close multiple apps as well.

    I didn’t find Siri to be that useful in the past, but am using it quite a bit with the iPhone 5s and am enjoying the accurate results and complete functionality. I ask questions using Siri all the time and my family has even grown to start depending on its capability.

    Applications and services

    As I mentioned earlier, the major reason I am enjoying the iPhone 5s is the selection of apps and services. Even though Android and Windows Phone have thousands of applications, I still find more apps and services I use on the iPhone. You can see a few of these apps in the following screenshots. While some of these are available on Android, some are iOS specific and the quality is more appealing to me on the iPhone.

    In regards to services, Apple is able to offer more to consumers due to their consistent hardware. For example, the Jawbone UP24 currently only works with the iPhone due to a manageable Bluetooth stack. The UP24 will likely eventually work with Android devices, but there will probably be limits to which devices are supported. I personally am tired by this type of support and find it easier to just stick with the iPhone.

    Anything missing?

    I think the only thing I would like to see on the iPhone is a slightly larger display, probably on the order of 4.7 inches. Sometimes this 4 inch display seems a bit small. I think it is important for Apple to keep the iPhone as a readily pocketable device and with a display greater than 5 inches that can be tough to do.

    Wireless charging is convenient, but not essential and actually takes a bit longer to charge up your phone. NFC still hasn’t really taken off and until someone fully figures out wireless payments I don’t think it will be something the mainstream consumer cares much about.

    Further reading

  • Tweetbot is my favorite Twitter application

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  • test

    • Fail

      • Fail NOT: win; will bigger iPhone MAXI be 5" 2272x1280?

        Or it is going to have some weirder sizes?
  • iPhone is still the leader

    And everyone else are followers!
    • If that's true

      by your logic, 100% of the population paying $200 for a phone in the US would be using the iPhone, which they aren't.

      How do you explain that?
      • Huh?

        Now what exactly did I say that would indicate every $200 phone purchase is an iPhone? I don't need to explain anything because apparently you can't read anyway.
        • Many people fell that Android or Windows are better platforms

          for various reasons, with Apple as the follower.

          It's really subjective, and if Apple really was the "leader" (hence 'best') why wouldn't everyone buy the best?

          People don't walk into a store and go "This is the best for $200, and this lesser one is $200, too, so I'll go with the lesser one for the same price."
          • No.

            Many people buy Android because their phones are cheap...good beginner's phone for those limit on cash.

            Why do you think Samsung sells a zillion phones, yet their profit margins are no better than Apple selling a fraction of it.

            Why do you think DEVELOPERS continue to focus on iOS more than Android despite the vast Android users? Oh wait, most Android users are cheap and don't do much with their phones.

            Why do you see Apple dominates during holiday shopping? Who uses their phones/tablets more?

            Why do businesses around the world uses iPhones? Why do schools use iPads?

            Think about this before responding please.
          • Hate to pop your hate bubble but...

            Let's pretend that your fantasy that most android users are cheap and don't do much with their phones is true since you haven't cited any reliable sources that prove this as an overwhelming fact. Well then the commercial application selection should be poor, but the reality is for both Google Play and Amazon's App store hundreds of thousands of PAID applications exist and they sell well enough so that major software development companies continue to create more PAID applications. Then the IN-APP market is also very robust on Android. It is unknown how many cheapskates exist in both Android and iOS, fact.
          • tigermd99, just so you know

            as I figure the more you know, the better you'll understand - I bought my wife the iPhone, and the iPad mini, so I know these devices very well, and have nothing against them.

            (if I did, I wouldn't have bought them)

            I also feel (have no hard data short of what I see around me) that the majority of Android sales are of the cheap to free smartphones, so I agree with you there.

            I'm pointing out that to claim that iPhone is the leader dismisses the fact that Samsung and all the others are selling in combined volumes of that of iPhones on high end models that require an decent expenditure of cash.

            "Why do businesses around the world uses iPhones? Why do schools use iPads"?

            I don't know, but I'm curious as to why do businesses around the world uses Android? Why do schools use Android?

            Not everything is Apple, you know.
  • Girl Phone

    Are you a teenage girl? Get a man phone next time.
    Sean Foley
    • Are you a teenage boy?

      Get a man's brain next time. It might help prevent some of your childish remarks. :-)
    • A man phone, eh?

      And what phone do you use? The weenie phone?
    • Strange

      Apple products are used in schools. iPhones are used in 97% of the Fortune 500 and 91% of the Global 500 companies.

      Are all these ultra-successful businessmen and schools teenage girls? That's news to me. Or maybe it is you that need to pull up your panties?
  • LOL Seems NOT to be experiencing the IOS 7 "white screen of death" Issues

    This appears to be a fanboi review.

    No mention of IOS 7 Issues.

    I guess this person has been one of the lucky ones or is wearing blinders.

    Hey, I'm just glad He's happy with his purchase.

    ~Best wishes
    • Maybe just needs to have the glitz wear off?

      Use a i5S and a One daily. That is my single biggest complaint with the 5S; the bugs.
      I have had more issues with the 5S and iOS7 than any previous version since the 3G (I skipped the 4S).
      My biggies:
      TouchID reboots, device will not charge, app locks during refresh from task list, wifi fails to pick up from sleep mode, way to many apps failing (lackaram?).
      Then the standard (from Apple Store) " we are aware of the issue(s) and a fix should be available in a future update." sigh.......
      • The iPhone 5s sounds like a piece of crap.

        I just wonder why all the iPhone 5s models sold don't get returned.
      • Support of over 100 iphones

        And the biggest issue seems to be only affecting the 5S. And that is the quick reboots. Almost like a 1/2 reboot. And seems to only happen with Safari, when looking at certain pages. Happens about every other day for me.
      • Your Problems are Abnormal

        I've read a lot of comments about the 5S, but your's is the strangest. I'm not doubting your experience with the phone, but if true it is out on the very fringe of abnormal behavior. The only item on your list that I've experienced is the so-called White Screen of Death (or since I have the Space Gray iPhone it is the Black Screen of Death. It's a bit of misnomer to call what is happening any kind of "Death", as the iPhone is not dead, or locked up, or in need of a restart. It is the Springboard app (the main background app that displays all the app icons on your screen) relaunching (it looks like a restart but it is not). Now this is a legitimate bug that Apple acknowledges. As for the rest of your problems, you should set up an appointment at your local Apple store where they will either show you why something is not working as you expect, or will replace the phone if it is faulty. (If my phone wouldn't charge, I'd be returning the very next day.)
        Greg Sparkman
      • Call BS

        Sounds bogus. Sorry. You have all these issues and Apple STore won't give you a new one? esp....device will not charge???? And Apple Store won't give you a new one???

        Full of crap!