Apple is fun again

Apple is fun again

Summary: Things have seemed a bit stiff and unsure at Apple events since the passing of Steve Jobs. The WWDC keynote indicates that Apple is back, and fun things are about to happen.

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Living under the umbrella of Steve Jobs for so long has been good and bad for Apple. He was such a genius at working with the public that the rest of the Apple team could stay quietly in the background and let him be the face and the voice of the company.

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That turned on them with his passing, and it has been clear that Apple has been trying to find its way with him gone. Public events post-Jobs have been stiff and obviously uncomfortable, as Tim Cook and friends have been trying to find the way forward.

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That ended with the recent WWDC keynote address in San Francisco. The two-hour affair distinctly demonstrated that Apple is back, and it's ready for fun. Cracking jokes throughout the event, and conducting themselves confortably, it is apparent that the Apple team has found its way.

The atmosphere of unbridled enthusiasm was charged at times as the Apple folks shared what is coming for OS X and iOS. It was obvious to this viewer that the way forward for Apple and its products is crystal clear to them, and they are excited about it. You could feel a geniune desire to share what's coming, and to get it here fast. 

The keynote may not have exhibited the enthusiasm of a Steve Jobs show, but it came darn close. It created an excitement over the upcoming products discussed, and it kindled a fire under customers' feet to see those new things.

Apple is back, and it's a very good thing. It probably couldn't get by much longer with the stiff, uncomfortable vibe it was giving off before this keynote event. Now it seems to be a fun place, with good products coming to spread the fun around. It's about time. Let's hope Apple can keep it up. 

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, iOS

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  • Any idea when all the Apple love is going to stop

    And your normally good articles are going to return?
    • Why aren't zd writers allowed to write positive articles?

      A few days ago, people were bashing Ed Bott for liking the Surface 3. Now, you bash James because he likes Apple's roadmap.

      I happen to like both and I'm glad zdnet is reporting on MS and Apple products.
    • Missed a word.

      "Abnormal" Apple love.
  • Sorry

    Apple is in the news this week and I have to cover it. Only a few articles so far, to be fair. As always, just fast forward past topics you don't care for. :-)
    • Heh heh.

      You got my +1 for that. :)
      Grayson Peddie
  • Great Observation

    Never mind Boothy, I think you make some interesting observations that haven't been made lately. Steve Jobs will always be missed but I'm excited for the people there who are able to work outside of his shadow. Apple definitely seems to be on the right path and as a developer I'm looking forward to Swift as a welcomed alternative to programming in Objective-C.
  • I got that impression as well

    This was the first keynote in the last couple years or so that I enjoyed watching for more than just the information. Everyone other than Tim Cook was just so energetic, so enthusiastic.
    Michael Alan Goff
  • Apple will bleed your money.

    Watch your wallet.
    • Bleeding Love

      True Apple lovers really don't care - just take my money - in the words of Leona Lewis:

      But I don't care what they say
      I'm in love with you
      They try to pull me away
      But they don't know the truth
      My heart's crippled by the vein
      That I keep on closing
      You cut me open and I

      Keep bleeding
      Keep, keep bleeding love
      I keep bleeding
      I keep, keep bleeding love
      Keep bleeding
      Keep, keep bleeding love
      You cut me open
  • Nope

    Today apple is a grotesque copy of another's company, not cool.

    Apple is only Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall.
    • Scott Forstall!?

      I think you’ll find he went quite a while ago, Jony Ive’s in charge now. He seems to be a man who knows exactly what he’s doing and without a shadow of a doubt shared some of Jobs’ vision. And Apple kit has always been relatively expensive but so what? It’s about value (subjective), not cost.
  • This is a nice warm and fuzzy post...

    ... Too bad nice and warm and fuzzy Apple does not have anything to do with Apple building desirable products. Which, may I add, occurred mostly under a relatively dictatorial Jobs.
  • Hey give James a break...

    He was only trying to get in on the FUN.. ;-)
  • The above is a "Zeinfeld-like" article, where, the author talks about

    nothing, and makes it interesting.

    But, interesting by the fact that, it's about nothing, which complements the fact that, Apple didn't really have anything really new to talk about. So, the author must've been doing a bit of sarcasm, because, he talked about the nothing that was occurring at the Apple event.