Apple looking to supersize the iPad with 13-inch model?

Apple looking to supersize the iPad with 13-inch model?

Summary: Apple and its component suppliers are tinkering with larger displays for both the iPad and iPhone, according to reports.


The next device rumoured to be joining Apple's lineup will be a supersized iPad, according to reports.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple and its component suppliers in Asia are now testing larger iPad and iPhone screens.

The companies are looking into a 13-inch screen for the iPad, which is almost a quarter larger than the current largest iPad display of 9.7 inches, and around 40 percent bigger than the iPad mini's 7.9-inch screen.

The iPhone too could be getting larger: according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has asked for prototype screens that are "larger than four inches".

The paper doesn't say how much larger the screens could be, however, though the flagship devices from Apple's rivals are all larger than its current-generation iPhone: the Nokia Lumia 1020 comes with a 4.5-inch display, for example, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 nudges phablet territory with a five-inch screen. The iPhone 5 has a four-inch display.

The paper notes there's no word yet on whether the larger iPhone or iPad will make it into production.

However, reports last week suggested that the larger iPhone display in question could be 4.3 inches, and arrive on the iPhone 5S, the expected next generation of iPhone. According to Bloomberg, Apple has delayed the launch of the 5S in order to include the larger display.

Other additions to the Apple stable appear to have also got the go-ahead: as well as a refresh to the current iPhone slated to ship in late August and go on sale at the end of the year, the company is expected to introduce a lower-end iPhone with a smaller screen, aluminium body and various colours of outer casing, the WSJ says.

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  • 13" too big...

    A 13" screen is really too big to be held comfortably in the hand. My suspicion is that this would be a device aimed at more commercial applications. One thing I've definitely noticed over the past couple of years is that the iPad has become quite popular as a Kiosk device in Museums where visitors can use touch input to bring up more information on a particular exhibit or related knowledge fields. A 13" iPad would fit the bill nicely for this sort of application.

    That's not to say that consumers won't be able to purchase this device, you probably will. But I'm guessing that's not Apple's primary audience.
    • Also for POS

      I've seen a couple of new retail stores using them now for check-out. They have people use their finger to sign CC payments, but the 10" screen is still a bit small for that. I think the Samsung Galaxy Note with its sPen would be better, but perhaps an iPad with a larger screen and some kind of stylus would fit this market well.
    • Something that big better run MacOS

      with and x86.
    • And what do you base that data on?

      It seems that historically man has used 13" displays for well over a century--called the 8.5"x11" sheet of paper on a clipboard. Very few of them complained, "Oh, it's too heavy!" "Oh, it's too hard to carry!" Sheesh! you make people sound like babies.
      • 13"

        The first thought in my mind when mentioning the possible 13" screen was "YES! I can read books like they're actual size." I mostly read technical books and on the mini my *aging* eyes are worked lol.

        I'd buy a 13" iPad in an instant!

        Odd comment. Paper is lighter than a tablet, in case you didn't know.
        • Paper is not lighter...

          If you carry around many books. I carry a couple hundred ebooks with me as it is now.
          Let's see YOU carry a couple hundred paper books - even ten feet.
    • Or Perchance a Touchscreen/Air Type of Device

      That would make sense given the direction touch is evolving.
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  • Looking Forward To The "Lego Duplo" Look For IOS Apps

    It is way long overdue for IOS to adopt an Android-style responsive-design layout system. Simply scaling the entire UI up and down is no longer acceptable.
    • Ugh, no thank you

      That's one of the reasons so many Android apps look like heck... the developers out-prioritize layout adaptability, and under prioritize good looks.
  • That's laptop size

    I can't imagine anyone wanting to tote that around. Maybe as a wall mount unit, I suppose.
    • That is what people said about tablets with 7 inch screens

      or phones with 5 inch screens.

      The competition is stealing the marketshare because it offered those choices to users when Apple said those devices wouldn't work. Now Apple is trying to catch up on those missed opportunities.

      If you really think about it, the majority of Apples success in devices stems from resizing the iPod a few times and putting it to some new purpose. A 13 inch that could do iOS and OSx might be just what Apple needs to remain competitive moving forward.

      Maybe Apple has figured out how to bridge the divide between Laptop and Tablet, but the one size fits all strategy they were using was a losing one.
    • I see this as an "iPad Air..."

      If they go to 13 inches, it's going to be a Macbook Air type device with a touch screen, removable keyboard, and running iOS instead of desktop OS X. It will be ARM based, rather than Intel based. It will last a couple of days on a charge, because they'll pack extra battery into the keyboard, as well as the tablet. Personally, I'd consider buying a device like that, but only for use when I need to do a lot of text entry. For carrying everywhere, I still prefer the size and shape of my iPad.
  • An A4 sized tablet makes sense... long as it can be made light enough.
    • umm

      Toshiba has had one for about a year now and for most, it is too big.
      • There are two 13.3-inch Android tablets

        The Toshiba Excite 13, I believe, has been discontinued. Amazon appears to have some still available at $589.99 U.S.

        The Archos FamilyPad 2 appears to be available from Best Buy at $319.99 U.S. and from Amazon in Europe.

        In addition, there are a number of online reviews for these large form factor tablets which are mixed, at best.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
      • Fujitsu

        Years ago I used the 12.5" fujitsu tablet and it was great. It was REALLY thick by today's standards but reading paper size pages was a treat.
  • I wonder

    I wonder if Apple's long term goal might be less OS X and more iOS.

    At 13" and a new generation of powerful hardware and we could be looking at machines capable of running their X-Code IDE and that really is the biggest piece missing from this puzzle.
    • Re: OS X and more iOS....

      Let us hope not.

      Apple have it right in keeping the Desktop in the forthcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks. No live tiles and other nonsense OS X is set to remain a true Desktop Operating System.