Apple looks to expand datacenter before it even opens

Apple looks to expand datacenter before it even opens

Summary: Apple continues to plan for their expanding cloud services.

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With Apple’s well-publicized Prineville, OR datacenter still under construction, a report in last week’s CentralOregonian indicates that they are looking to buy additional land for the purpose of expanding the still not completed facility.

The initial land purchase for the facility under construction was 160 acres; on that lot Apple has been building a 338,000 square foot facility. The current negotiations appear to be for an adjacent 96-acre parcel. As Apple has indicated they are already considering an additional 300,000 sq. ft. facility on the existing parcel, the additional land would allow for eventual construction of another facility or two.

The local community is moving quickly to make the unincorporated parcel a part of the Prineville urban growth boundary. This would make it part of the area under local control and allow the community to make the tax concessions and fee payment arrangements that have already encouraged Apple to build locally.

The tax benefits that Prineville have already offered Apple have been significant; an exemption for up to 15 years in return for Apples quarter billion dollar investment, along with guaranteed jobs at an above local average wage and an annual $150,000 project fee to the local government. At this point, the property still belongs to the county, but it is clear that Prineville looks to annex it.

While there is no guarantee that the as yet undisclosed potential purchaser is actually Apple, there are a few things that just about guarantee it. Primarily the fact that the parcel is completely land-locked, with no right-of –way access granted in any surrounding deed, and completely accessible from Apple's existing property.

Topics: Apple, Data Centers

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  • Apple is running late

    It must have dawned upon CEO Tim Cook that the big money is not in hardware (handset) sales. The big money is in advertising.

    To achieve this, Apple must compete with Google in with online services. Apple needs a search engine. Apple needs services.

    Google subsidizes the cost of its Nexus handsets in return for getting people hooked deep into its ecosystem.

    Then again, Tim Cook recently said that Apple "doesn't do cheap". So maybe he has not learned.