Apple manufacturers ramp up hiring ahead of iPhone 6 launch

Apple manufacturers ramp up hiring ahead of iPhone 6 launch

Summary: Anticipating high demand for the anticipated iPhone 6, Foxconn and Pegatron have reportedly begun a record-level hiring spree.

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leak iphone6 photos
The iPhone 6? Leaked images. Credit: Sonny Dickson

Taiwanese media reports that Apple's two largest manufacturing contacts are ramping up recruitment to cope with anticipated high demand for the rumored iPhone 6.

The Economic News Daily (translated) reports that Hon Hai, also known as Foxconn, is expected to hire an additional 100,000 factory workers before the launch of the iPhone 6, which is a recruitment drive for 10 percent more workers than the iPhone 5 and 5S required.

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The Taiwanese publication says that Pegatron is also securing additional workers, and is expected to boost numbers at a key production plant by one third.

END says that the manufacturers will begin producing the iPhone 6 in July.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 09.00.20
Credit: 9to5Mac

The rumored iPhone 6 is believed to be due for launch this year, and shipments are expected to outstrip the demand for the iPhone 5 series, according to the publication.

This may coincide with the iPad and iPhone maker's anticipated smartwatch, which is predicted to begin manufacture in July and ship in September or October.

In related news, on Friday, Sonny Dickenson shared photos of the alleged iPhone 6 with 9to5Mac. The leaked images, revealing an LCD component of the handset with a ruler placed on top, appear to show the handset sports a display measuring 5.5" inches.

Topics: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone, Mobility

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  • Competion is alive and well

    I wonder what astounding feature the iPhone 6 will have over the competition other than a larger screen.
    • Software?

      Emphasis seems to be on software this year for Apple. The iWatch has 10 sensors for health and fitness. I'm guessing iP6 will be able to integrate with the iWatch via the use of apps. They already cracked the 64 bit barrier last year. Possible screen with sapphire. A more durable and possibly reliable touch ID sensor. A better camera sensor for lo light photos. Extensibility will be the most interesting thing I'm looking for. The ability to use apps inside other apps sounds mind blowing.
  • Maintaining market share

    The iPhone 6 is playing catch-up with the competition. This is as much, if not more so, about hanging on to their existing user base than it is about attracting new users. I sure hope it takes better pictures than my iPhone 5, or I'll have a hard time justifying the upgrade. Samsung (and HTC) makes a really great phone with frankly a more useful screen aspect ratio than the iPhone, and they both definitely take better pictures. I've never owned an android device, but I might have to consider one unless Apple gets it right with the iPhone 6. Looking to the future, this could be the "make or break" iPhone model that determines what direction Apple goes in.
    • 2 things can be equally true

      Apple is definitely copying some features of the competition with bigger screen sizes and whatnot, if that's even considered a 'feature'. However, that doesn't mean Apple lacks innovation. You can copy your competitors and still be an innovator. With the latest WWDC and introduction of iP5S we've seen that Apple isn't resting on their laurels. Making a new programming language, gaming language, and extensibility will really make iOS shine in coming years.
  • yuck..

    They just look so cheap and outdated. They need to change the design so its not so sterile and cheap looking.