Apple may delay next iPhone on larger display troubles, report says

Apple may delay next iPhone on larger display troubles, report says

Summary: Reports suggest Apple's next iPhone may be delayed until the end of the year. Depending on when the long-awaited smartphone is released could harm the company's December quarter sales.

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Apple will reportedly delay the release of its next iPhone until the end of the year, which may result in lower sales during the lucrative December quarter.

According to Bloomberg, citing sources speaking to the Commercial Times in Taiwan, a slightly larger 4.3-inch display is to blame for the delay.

The report also noted that chips for the next iPhone — dubbed the iPhone 5S, though naming has yet to be confirmed — would be delivered in August.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant typically pegs its iPhone announcements around June and July on a yearly schedule. But the company has in the past couple of years — particularly since the arrival of the iPad, which shook up the release date timetable — shifted the iPhone's release towards September and October.

This adjusted schedule allows Apple to target the pre-December holiday rush, where sales are generally at their best ahead of the festive season.

A cheaper iPhone is also expected to serve emerging markets. But, rumors have continued for years that Apple is targeting developing countries with a lower-cost smartphone of its own. Analysts remain mixed on whether or not Apple will release a cheaper, cost-efficient iPhone.

The iPhone, it goes almost without saying, has become one of the most popular bring-your-own-device (BYOD) smartphones to the market since the trend really took off around 2010.

The next iPhone, whatever it may be called, will also come with iOS 7, the next iteration of the Apple mobile operating system.

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  • ugh, copying android since 2011

    Steve Jobs must be asking himself: is this what we have become?

    Next step, untie the device from the walled garden and then I might be interested. Where are iphone fanboys who ridiculed android larger displays?
    • Is that . . .

      . . . a SGSIV in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

      Agreed - totally retarded look!
      • Utility at the expense of dignity

        The first time my wife saw somebody pull out a Galaxy Note III, she leaned over and said, "that looks stupid using a little tablet as a phone."

        Huge screen? Yeah, it may be useful, but at the cost of your dignity.
        • Only to those who judge others based on appearance.

          Like Apple fanbois. Oh, Galaxy Note 3 hasn't been released yet. So it appears your wife was mistaken.
        • The Note Series Are Phablets, Not Phones

          Different market segment entirely. But nice try, iSheep.

          BTW, does your wife work for Samsung? Because the Galaxy Note III hasn't been released yet.
        • Re: Huge screen? Yeah, it may be useful, but at the cost of your dignity.

          So you won't be buying the new, larger IPhone, then?

          Looks like Apple is losing its customer loyalty...
        • Gee, I might look stupid

          therefore I'll sacrifice utility for the fear of looking stupid.
          yeh, makes sense.... to stupid people.
        • I was always taught

          That judging people is the stupidest thing you can do. It's one thing to have an opinion, somewhat arrogant to impose your point of view on someone else. Ooops.

          So, with that and the fact someone's lying about the Note3, what conclusion do we draw?
          Little Old Man
      • You'll Love The Look

        when crApple comes out with larger screens.
  • Say it ain't so!

    Better put the entire collection of Apple Lemmings on suicide watch. This isn't going to be pretty, if this is true.
    • Why?

      • Why ask why?

        Apple's sheep need to be shorn twice a year lest their wallets get too fat and cause nerve and circulatory damage in their hides. Any rancher will tell you the key to successfully managing the herd lies in consistency.
  • Since Apple has not announced

    when the next phone will be available, how can it be delayed? I love these artificial mile stones that tech pundits and industry watcher create. My point is simple, If Apple does not announce a release date for a product then there cannot be delay, it simply wont be available when the tech world predicted it will be available.

    Is the iWatch delayed as well?
    • A release date for a product doesn't have to have been announced... order for it to be late. If production problems pushed the release back from the intended release date it is still late regardless if the original date and been made public or not.
  • Appleboy mentality!

    Just love it when he said "it goes almost without saying"... BYOD on a 4" screen? Give me a break!
  • Whoops

    and I think those screens are coming from Samsung. Didn't they just iron that deal last month because no one is making a better screen than Samsung right now?

    That's gotta be painful to have to deal with their biggest competitor for parts.
    • They've taken steps to remedy that.

      Didn't Apple recently purchase a display manufacturer who licensed Sharp's latest high res screen technology? They're probably retooling the plant for their own display production and ran into snags.

      In a nutshell, when a supplier jerks them around, Apple either takes its massive business elsewhere or brings the production in-house.

      Also, the phone isn't late if the release date was never announced. This just proves all of the media speculators were wrong, not that Apple is late. Rumors do not equal truth.
      • trying to make the best using second best

        results in things like millions of iphone5 rejects at foxconn due to quality problems.
        They can't keep using second tier manufacturing to solve top tier supply problems.
      • In house? Really?

        So what bits are they producing in house then Bill? Please, tell us how much of the iphone apple produce, that's manufacture, not design.

        Also, did you forget to follow:
        "In a nutshell, when a supplier jerks them around, Apple either takes its massive business elsewhere"

        with "and then go running running back to the same suppliers because their product is superior? It just seems that's the way apple works with screens and chips?
        Little Old Man
  • I hope it is not true

    I sincerely hope the iPhone 6 will offer a larger screen than just 4.3".

    Seriously, we have a 4.0" screen now... moving 'up' to a 4.3" is NOT an 'upgrade'!

    COME ON, APPLE! GIVE US A 5" IPHONE ALREADY!!!! Don't make us jump ship just to get a larger phone screen! You should have offered a 5" phone a year ago!