Apple may reveal iPad mini on 23 October, just before Windows 8 launch

Apple may reveal iPad mini on 23 October, just before Windows 8 launch

Summary: Apple can't keep things quiet like they could in the past and it looks like the iPad mini may be announced before the end of this month, ahead of the Microsoft Surface tablet availability.

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It seems it was just a year or two ago that Apple was able to keep a secret or two, but in today's world we end up knowing everything before product launches. AllThingsD is reporting that the Apple iPad mini will be revealed at a 23 October event in California. Like the iPhone 5, we have seen just about all there is to know about this still rumored 7.85 inch tablet with Lightning connector. Millions of Apple fans will buy it for sure, but pricing will determine how many others pick up this luxury device and whether it kills off the competition in the low cost small tablet market.

I use my Google Nexus 7 a few times a week, mainly to experience Android Jelly Bean, but it is a convenience device and at $200 that is fine. I still prefer my large 10 inch iPad 3 for media consumption and writing posts with an external keyboard. The iPad mini would likely replace the Nexus 7 and I am very interested in seeing if Apple can offer up a compelling story for potential buyers. I think ebooks will be a big part of that story and maybe we'll see an iBooks update to go with it.

If the 23 October date is accurate, this will be just three days before Microsoft's Surface tablet availability, but I think these two devices are far enough apart in usage scenarios that one will not impact the other. The iPad mini is more of a Nexus 7 or even Amazon Kindle Fire competitor while the Surface RT tablets are competitors to the large iPad.

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPad

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  • Any one remembers Steve Jobs rants

    Against Google, Android and all 7 inch tablets

    Here they are following the market trying to make one
    Theo Mills
    • Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs.

      Tim has publicly stated that Apple has shifted from being "revolutionary" to being "evolutionary". I doubt that the Apple board could control Steve Jobs but as long as he made Apple lots of money, the board put up with him and his showmanship.

      Not so with Tim Cook. He is "just an employee" and one misstep and he could be gone tomorrow! Tim Cook as little choice but to follow the boards lead and they will not tolerate risk in the absence of Steve Jobs.

      If it becomes reality, it will not be as successful as the larger iPad. The fact that the Surface is also a 10" device simply reinforces what Apple already knows - that a small device may be lighter (and perhaps even a few dollars less) but it will not be as versatile as the 10" form factor.
      M Wagner
    • Hearing aids

      Perhaps you didn't hear what Jobs actually said. Maybe reading it will help you.
      "... the CURRENT crop of 7" tablets is D.O.A.."
      • Splitting hairs?

        Still, the 7" tablets are selling well, far from DOA.

        But the terminology "the CURRENT crop of 7" tablets" would still be used if Steve Jobs was trying to say that no 7" inch tablet in general would ever sell.
        Here's an example: the current crop of 7" tablets are DOA because people want 10" tablets, nothing smaller".

        He never said why they would be DOA. Could be he used the word current to leave a door open for himself should it turn out he was wrong, that 7" tablets would sell, which is what I feel he was doing.
        NoMore MicrosoftEver
        • Conditioner

          There is no splitting of hairs here (at least on my end). Same can not be said for the other side. Case in point:
          "Here's an example: the current crop of 7" tablets are DOA because people want 10" tablets, nothing smaller".

          And as that is NOT what he said?

          And the current 7"er are NOT selling well, by any reasonable metric, at least in terms of proven profit. The ONLY reason the 7" have any appreciable market share is the Kindle Fire, and the only reason THAT is selling at all is that Amazon sells it at a loss. So I suspect Jobs would feel this didn't really count, and I'd tend to agree. While Amazon is hoping that it can turn a profit on Amazon sales, there is NO data to support the idea that this has in fact, been the case.
          The same is true for the Nexus. Except there is no data to show that it, unlike the Fire, is even actually selling.
      • Re: "... the CURRENT crop of 7" tablets is D.O.A.."

        Admitting that what has changed the game is the Nexus 7. And that where Android leads, Apple now has to follow. Yet again.
        • Any proof of the Nexus 7 changing the game?

          Any sales numbers to show that the Nexus 7 was a success in the market? Google and Asus haven't release sales numbers so we don't know if it changed any such game. Or even came close to selling the number Amazon sold (think was 5 million). We do know that 5 million or even 10 million is nowhere close to the 85 million iPad Apple have sold.

          There used to be a time when the success of a product was based off its sales in the market.
          • Re: Any proof of the Nexus 7 changing the game?

            Just read the article. Now read the articles it links to. Now go read every other article you can find everywhere on the web about rumours of a 7" Ipad. Notice how EVERY SINGLE ONE of them mentions the Nexus 7? And how they all started just about the time it became clear the Nexus 7 was a big hit?

            It’s so clear to anyone who isn’t completely infatuated with Apple: they started asking “if a 7-inch tablet can be this good, why isn’t Apple making one?”, and from there it morphed into “Apple can’t be letting this market go unchallenged, they must have started secretly working on one” (which does make some sense) and somehow from there to “Apple saw this coming and started working on a seven-incher long ago, and they’re going to release it soon” (which is stretching the bounds of probability a bit).

            Like I said, it’s rumours feeding on rumours.
          • I've been reading such articles since 2010

            So you're saying the success of a product is now based off the number of articles or blogs that's written about it? If that's the case then I could provide to you countless blogs going back to 2010 where it was predicted 7" tablets like the Galaxy Tab was going to change the game and be a threat to Apple's iPads. They would Disrupt the market and be strong challenge to Apple's 10" iPad. Did not happen.

            The Kindle Fire while it sold better than most tablets did not change any game. It was said to be "the people's tablet", the one everyone was waiting for. Amazon ended up selling 4-5 million Fires early in the year and sales fizzled-out thereafter. No word yet on how well the latest Kindle Fires are doing.


            Just because Apple is rumored to be releasing an iPad mini does not mean they're doing so because they NEED to answer the 7" competition. Or pressured. Google have no problem boasting about the daily activation numbers with their Android smart phones, yet they've been suspiciously quite with the Nuxus 7 numbers.
  • Let's assume (for just a moment) that there REALLY IS an iPad Mini ...

    ... coming to an Apple Store near you. Even if it is true (which I seriously question), it is going to come in at the same $399 price-point as the iPad 2 currently occupies.

    Let's face it, Apple dropped the price on the iPad 2 to $399 in order to reduce inventory. Now, having the iPad 2 at $399 does nothing but cut into sales of the iPad 3.

    Bringing in the "iPad Mini" (if it even exists) at $399, fills that price-point without Apple leaving money on the table - or allowing the iPad Mini to be compared to Android tablets at lower price-points.
    M Wagner
    • Wanna bet?

      First, seriously, wanna bet?
      Second, it would help if you did a little research before venturing these speculations, couched as assertions. For one this, if Apple dropped the iPad 2 price to reduce inventory, why on earth are they still MAKING THEM?!?
      Third, if the profits from the iPad 2 are identical to the iPad three, and brings in people who aren't quite willing to drop the $499 for the new iPad, what difference does it make if it affects sales of the new iPad?
      Fourth, in what way does this disallow comparing such a device to cheaper Android tablets? They already do that with the full-sized iPads.
    • The iPad2

      Many did miss it, but in fact since Apple introduced the new iPad (iPad3), they started selling a *new* iPad2 device. It has new generation A5 CPU and some other small improvements (perhaps targeted at reducing the price) and it actually run more hours on the same battery.

      So no, Apple does not want to reduce inventory of the iPad2. They have highly successful product, the iPad2, with some features they could not manage for the iPad3 (weight, battery life) and they are still manufacturing it.

      They could of course simply "shrink" the iPad2 to 8", but perhaps will introduce entirely new device with current components.

      I am also expecting Apple to unveil the next iPad, as they have a lot of new tech to put in there: Lighting, A6, possibly new display etc.
      One kills the snake while it's still small. :)
  • I MAY go to the washroom in the next 10 minutes

    I think this news is just about as important. PS: I didn't even bother reading the article.
  • Apple may reveal iPad mini on 23 October, just before Windows 8 launch

    If this is true then its bad timing for Apple. Everyone is going to be preoccupied with the Microsoft Windows 8 launch and prepping for it to pay any attention to the iPad Mini. Apple is setting this device up to fail.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • LOL!

      You are so funny! Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Apps Store - all will be flops. Surface may do something but only for Microsoft ~only~ buyers.
    • microsofty

      EVERYONE??? really... not according to current sales. And you know that Apple is setting up for failure because of the many times they have failed in the past decade?
    • Microsoft's fate

      If Apple does not want Microsoft in this business, they can simply release the next iPad, with A6, new Retina display, Lighting (or Thunderbolt) etc. In two sizes, 8" and 10".

      That would kill Windows RT for consumers and many enterprises.

      Of course, many will but those Microsoft Slate tablets out of curiosity, just as they buy almost any new Android tablet --- only to find out the hype is more than tolerable.
  • "May"? Note to Tim, Cook up a new marketing recipe

    "Rumors" are not news. It's hype to drum up psychological manipulation.

    The tabloidization and downfall of this country continues...

    But, thankfully, regardless of how poorly it's cobbled together, the Mini pad (with floral scent!) will doubtlessly sell well and sell out on the very first day... we know the score...
    • Yeah, because the current iPads are so poorly manufactured.

      Troll much?
  • Rumours Are Now Feeding Off Rumours

    It's amazing how the success of the Nexus 7 has somehow led to the idea the Apple saw this coming far enough in advance to have a rival 7-incher ready for imminent release.

    Face it people: there is nobody at Apple that prescient. There is no "Ipad Mini".