Apple media event: By the numbers

Apple media event: By the numbers

Summary: Apple executive took to the stage at California Theatre in San Jose, CA. to announce a range of new products. Apple also disclosed some previously unseen numbers and figures. Here's what you need to know.


The cat is out the bag: Apple has announced the iPad mini.

The long-awaited tablet is razor thin at 7.2mm, has an almost edge-to-edge screen with a thinner bezel, and sports a 7.9-inch display. The iPad mini also comes with faster Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity, the latest Lightning dock connector, and a 10-hour battery life.

And it's small enough to fit in in one hand.

Pricing starts at $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, and $459 for the 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular option. Shipping begins on November 2, with cellular versions two weeks after that.

Along with the iPad mini, Apple also announced a brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, a new updated Mac mini, and a brand new thinner edge-to-edge display iMac desktop computer, that led to gasps among the seated audience.

To add to the new iMac, the counterpart Apple Fusion Drive was announced. And, a surprise announcement, a faster and more powerful fourth-generation iPad.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook and other company vice-presidents took to the stage today in California to announce a range of new hardware products. 

During the event, Apple executives took to the stage to show off the latest statistics and figures. Here are the latest numbers you need to know:

  • 5 million iPhones sold in the first weekend alone, from its launch in September;

  • 3 million iPods shipped since they were announced at the iPhone 5 launch;

  • 200 million iOS devices running the latest version of iOS 6 mobile operating, in just one month since it was first released to the public. The "fastest software upgrade in history," said Apple chief executive Tim Cook.

  • 125 million Documents in the Cloud uploaded to iCloud in the past year since iCloud was first launched;

  • 300 billion messages through iMessage, available on iOS devices and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

  • 28,000 messages sent every second of every day through iMessage;

  • 160 million Game Center accounts which is available on iOS devices and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion;

  • 70 million photos shared by Photo Stream users with their friends and family;

  • 35 billion apps downloaded from the Apple App Store, with more than 700,000 apps on offer;

  • $6.5 billion paid to Apple application developers paid since the App Store first went live;

  • 1.5 million iBooks uploaded to the iBookstore since it went live in 2010;

  • 400 million iBooks downloaded in that time alone, despite an U.S. antitrust suit;

  • 6 years in which the Mac has outgrown the PC market;

  • 100 million iPads sold in two-and-a-half years, as of early October;

  • More iPads sold than any other PC manufacturer in Q2 2012;

  • 91 percent of the tablet Web traffic is churned up by the iPad;

  • 80 percent of iBooks is covered under the U.S. high school cirriculum;

  • 2,500 U.S. classrooms with iBooks textbooks;

  • 94 percent of the Fortune 500 testing or deploying the iPad;

  • One discontinued model: the iPad 3, which no longer exists. It's been vamped up and rebranded as the iPad with Retina display, technically the fourth-generation iPad.

Other numbers to consider from earlier reports:

  • Double the sales: The arrival of the smaller iPad will turbocharge the market for 7-inch tablets, according to IHS iSuppli, helping the market to approximately double in 2012 and 2013. Global sales of tablets with displays in the 7-inch size range are expected to double this year to 34 million units, up from 17 million in 2011. Sales will nearly double again in 2013, rising 96 percent to 67 million.

  • Burn the barn: According to Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, (via CNN Money) "Apple is uniquely positioned (brand, ecosystem, developer support, etc.) to capitalize on the next wave of tablet adoption and capture the lion's share of industry profits. We believe the iPad mini will enable Apple to extend it competitive lead as Android remains fragmented, Windows RT is not compatible with Windows 8 and PC OEMs haven't put forth an iPad killer."

  • Death to the PC market? Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, a hot-air blower at the best of times, warned that the PC market could suffer as the "post-PC" sector becomes even more flooded with smaller tablets of the world's most popular tablet. "Given the global economic uncertainty, we think price-sensitive users could gravitate toward an iPad Mini instead of making a PC purchase."

Apple hit the $700 a share mark last month just after the iPhone 5 announcement, but plunged as low as $610 in the following weeks. Looking at Apple's share price today, it remains mostly steady at $645-650 a share, with a market cap of approximately $590 billion mark, making Apple the wealthiest company in the world. However, once the $329 price point was announced, the stock began to tumble. It shows the markets are not too happy about the higher markup on a tablet that is remarkably similar to rival Android tablets.

Update at 4:45 p.m. ET: Apple closed more than 3 percent down to $613 a share, after the firm tumbled following the event's concluding shortly after 2 p.m.

To put Apple's stock price in perspective, Apple brought in four-times more profit during 2012 Q1 than Walmart did during the same quarter. During that quarter, Apple's iPhone brought in more revenue than Microsoft did as an entire company.

But what happens toward the end of trading will be most interesting. We'll keep you up to date

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  • Well, if Gene Munster makes a prediction you can bet

    it's pobably not going to happen.
    William Farrel
  • Stunning

    The competition has to feel like hell right about now.
    • Why would they?

      A priority for Apple is the continued effort to trim it's supplier margins and whatnot. But Apple is getting a huge mark up as it is, so they must see something going forward that they are a bit worried about, so I imagine the competition isn't all that upset at the moment.

      Why should it matter that Apple makes more money then Samsung, as long as Samsung is making enough money of their own to be happy and debt free?
      William Farrel
      • Will this isn't about money

        It is about sweet gear. Every aspect of Apple's lineup is pretty sweet today. We are going hear spin, excuses, nonsense, delusion and flat out lies from Apple detractors in the next while here in the ZDNet comments. Love it!
        • It isn't about money?

          I thought it was always about money.

          No wonder you guys are confused about Windows RT, you can't even keep YOUR talking points straight.
          • Get the gear right and the money follows

            The stats in the article, particularly iPhone revenue are stunning.
            Richard Flude
          • Get the OS right and the money follows?

            Vista beats OS X in every money metric possible.

            By your logic then, Vista is right, OS X is wrong.

            Thanks Richard.
          • You guys?

            Who are "you guys?" And I have never ever said it was about the money. Numbers yes. Money is of little consequence.
          • Then Android is crushing Apple in the phone market

            Google is winning, Apple is losing. After all, it is just about numbers and money is of little consequence.
  • Oh, and I'm glad that we finally have a release date and price for iPad Min

    Considering Apple preannounced this over a year ago, it is nice that they FINALLY announced a release date and a price. But shipping in November? That means that between October 26 and November 2, iPad Mini is still vaporware since no one will be able to hold one in their hand.

    You are also a COMPLETE idiot if you preorder one of these. Everyone must wait for this to be released in the stores so they can try it for themselves to make sure it will work for them.

    Also, will this run OS X apps? I'm very confused because it is an Apple product and some Apple products can run OS X apps and some can't. Can it run Apple TV apps? Apple TV runs iOS so I'm guessing it can. If it can't, then I'm totally confused and will never buy another confusing Apple product again.
    • You are one sly dog Todd

      But your sarcasm is a a little weak in this case. Apple has a great track record here. Microsoft is the one that needs to prove something with the Surface and need to go above and beyond with an insanely great product to show folks (consumers not fans) that they are for real.

      You and others are hyping something that has never been seen before from Microsoft and you are doing it at the expense of a proven product.

      Be careful. You should try and be a little more humble. If this Surface thing goes badly you may have to ditch the Toddbottom3 handle.
  • has an almost edge-to-edge screen with a thinner bezel,

    from the pictures ( i can't actually touch one so I have to go from the pictures) it looks like the bezel (top and Bottom) is proportional to the iPad Maxi (not to be confuced with the Maxi Pad) while the side bezel is slightly smaller.

    This does not equate to an "almost edge to edge screen"
  • What happend to the 3rd Generation iPad

    Has anyone else noticed that the third generation iPad is no longer listed on apples web site. The site now lists teh iPad mini, iPad 2 and the latest 4th generation iPad.

    Does this mean there was something wrong with the 3rd generation iPad and Apple wanted to get it replaced before people find out, liek maybe connectivity problems between WiFi and LTe??? just wondering!
  • Apple media event: By the numbers

    it is just apple pre-empting the launch of windows 8 devices. am just wondering how long can apple maintain this timetable of hectic product introduction before reaching a saturation point in their capacity to innovate and in the capacity of apple fans to shell out their hard-earned dollars. hope they will not suffer the osborne-effect in the near future, and add to that the threat of the burgoening competition from europe and mostly from asia. am happy to see all these healthy competition going on in the industry, but at the same time worried that many of these companies will suffer from burn-out (just like those pro athletes) and lead to another industry consolidation. hope that apple will not end up getting absorbed by a so-so company whose only talent is to gobble up competition without knowing what to do with them (remember compaq, sun micro, lotus, etc. - they were at the forefront of innovation and once powerful). as for windows 8, i believe m$ will once again dominate the industry... maybe not for long!