Apple offers Black Friday deals on iPad with Retina Display, iPad 2, MacBook laptops

Apple offers Black Friday deals on iPad with Retina Display, iPad 2, MacBook laptops

Summary: The company's annual sales event is stingier than ever online, with no specials on the iPad mini or iMac and Mac Mini desktops.

TOPICS: Apple, iPad, Laptops, Tablets

The fact that Black Friday is one of the better days of the year to buy certain Apple products says more about how infrequently they go on sale than about the quality of Apple's Black Friday event. This year is no exception: There are some deals to be had, but they aren't massive, and they don't extend to some key new products (at least online, as physical stores haven't opened yet in the U.S.).

Most notable, and probably inevitable, is that the new iPad mini gets no price cut for this event. There are mild discounts on the latest iPad with Retina Display -- $41 on the 16GB model, $51 on the 32GB flavor, and $61 for 64GB, either Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and cellular. The iPad 2 also receives a price trim in the form of $31 off the 16GB version.

The iPad mini isn't the only product Apple is refusing to discount. The iMac and Mac Mini desktops, both of which received a recent refresh, are absent from the list of specials. You will have better luck with Apple laptops, with all MacBook lineups getting price chops of $101.

That isn't the minimum discount, with a bigger amount if you spend more. It's $101 off, whether you grab the cheapest MacBook Air or the most expensive MacBook Pro. While that's a bit of a bummer, if you're considering buying an 11-inch Air, the temporary $898 starting price is pretty appealing.

Let us know in the Talkback section below if you see any additional deals at physical Apple locations. If not, you'll have to be happy with the sale prices you get -- that is the Apple way, after all. 

Topics: Apple, iPad, Laptops, Tablets

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  • It's a "scam" in Germany!

    At first they showed a discount of about 1.54€ for those products. A little later they bumped up the ORIGINAL price by 100€ so that the discount looks like you are saving 101.54€!
    Now I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was an error with the exchange rate but still, since they just bumped up the original price by exactly 100€ it does look very fishy to me.
  • Missed sale

    I thought Apple would have had the iPad mini on the Black Friday deals. I was going to buy a 64 gig wifi and cellular.
    • Gee-guess what!

      I WAS going to buy the 256gig model with blue ray, wifi, celluar, GPS and thermo-nuke detonation device but since it was not on black friday sale I got the superior MS Surface instead. Gee, silly apple, losing a sale like that...

      You shills look sillier and sillier with every attempt to re-direct sales...