Apple patches security holes in QuickTime on Windows

Apple patches security holes in QuickTime on Windows

Summary: An update to version 7.7.4 of QuickTime for Windows is now available to download, closing 12 security vulnerabilities in the media player software.

TOPICS: Security, Apple, Software

Apple has patched security vulnerabilities in its QuickTime player on Windows.

The company released the security updates on Wednesday to patch 12 holes in the QuickTime software that could allow an attacker to crash a computer or execute arbitrary code through memory corruption and buffer underflows and overflows.

The problems affected QuickTime on the Windows 7, Vista and XP service pack 2 (or later) Microsoft operating systems. Eleven of the 12 were reported by researchers working with HP's Zero Day Initiative, of which five were reported by Microsoft employees.

The update to version 7.7.4 of QuickTime is available to download now, and comes in at 39.5MB in size.

The last security update to QuickTime for Windows operating systems was released in November 2012 and patched nine security vulnerabilities that could have led to arbitrary code execution. 

Topics: Security, Apple, Software

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