Apple pegged to hold iPhone 6 launch event on September 9

Apple pegged to hold iPhone 6 launch event on September 9

Summary: Apple's long-rumored large screen iPhone is likely to be revealed in early September with the possibility of a couple different size models being announced.

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Apple is looking to hold a media event on September 9.

According to Re/code, the iPhone and iPad maker may be holding its annual new iPhone event in San Francisco, California. Media invites have yet to be sent out, and Apple declined to comment.

We are expecting to see at least one new iPhone announced — perhaps even two.

Rumors have Apple finally launching a larger display iPhone with 4.7 inches believed to be the standard. A possible 5.5-inch iPhone may also be announced with a later release date. While Apple has long been an advocate of the one-handed experience, consumers are buying up large screen Android devices and asking for larger displays.

September 9 also happens to be the first day of the new combined CTIA Super Mobility Week event in Las Vegas. Apple has a way of stealing the thunder from shows, such as a few CES shows in the past, and it looks like the company may be doing it once again this year.

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  • I'm on the edge...

    Not sure whether I would forsake the pocket friendly small form factor over a more legible big screen beast. I saw a guy in a fast food lineup the other day and I thought he was a repairman with some kind of testing device hanging from his belt but after a closer look I realized it was just a big phone.
  • Apple would have to improve the duration of the battery

    In my opinion Apple would have to improve also the duration of their battery life. By the way, have you seen the newest ad from Samsung in which they jeer on the iPhone's battery:
    Biba Biba