Apple promises corrective iPad 4G ads

Apple promises corrective iPad 4G ads

Summary: Apple has today agreed to display signs on its website and at in-store points of sale saying that the new iPad's 4G model won't provide 4G connectivity on Australian networks.


Apple has today agreed to display signs on its website and at in-store points of sale saying that the new iPad's 4G model won't provide 4G connectivity on Australian networks.

iPad event

Apple's iPad event held earlier this month
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The agreement was made as an undertaking to the Federal Court after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission filed an urgent application alleging that the promotion of the new iPad as being 4G capable was misleading, because it made Australian consumers believe that they could use the device to connect to 4G networks in Australia with a SIM card, which they can not.

Apple's new iPad comes with the capability to connect to long-term evolution (LTE) or "4G" networks in the 700MHz or 2100MHz spectrum band. Australia's only LTE network is currently provided by Telstra, which uses its former 2G spectrum band of 1800MHz.

The signs to go on the website and in stores will carry the following statement:

"This product supports very fast cellular networks. It is not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMax networks."

The signs are to be in place as soon as practicable, but no later than 5 April 2012, which is the day just before the Easter weekend.

In addition, Apple promised to email any customers who had already bought the device up until 28 March if it had supplied their email address. The email was to relay the statement and tell the customer that they could request a refund within a specified time frame.

A directions hearing for the application has been scheduled for 16 April, mediation has been ordered for 18 April and a hearing on liability has been set for 2 May 2012.

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  • Continuing a comment from the opinion which disappeared. Purchased one of the 4G ipads all of three weeks ago from a store and there were no signs re the ACCC involvement or pending issue..... plus when I purchased an annual prepaid Telstra plan which seemed the most long term practical approach found I did not have a chip! Hence the unit would not work and required purchase of a month prepaid chip. On complaining was provided the $30 month chip free of charge. Now I am concerned that my so called 4G ipad will never connect to a more up to date service especially if the LTE is non existent unless purchasing a Samsung tablet through Telstra whcih is even more expensive? How come everything in this country is an absolute mess and every time one purchases deals with a company there is abject confusion with no guarantees anything will be done proiperly or work properly?
    The choice is to return the ipad and purchase a less than quality standard one, keep the 4G ipad which costs more for something we did not receive...give the ipad the miss altogether. Perhaps Apple will provide some restitution now the court has brought down a ruling?