Apple releases iOS 6.1.1 after EU network bugs

Apple releases iOS 6.1.1 after EU network bugs

Summary: The iPhone and iPad maker has released a software update for iPhone 4S users, after U.K. and European cell networks warned iPhone users to avoid the latest iOS 6.1 version.


Apple today released iOS 6.1.1 to iPhone 4S only users to fix a bug in the latest iOS 6.1 platform release; almost a week after U.K. and European users reported cellular-related troubles.

iOS 6.1.1 is out to iPhone 4S users (Credit: ZDNet)

Many iPhone 4S users complained that the latest upgrade caused cellular and 3G networking to suffer. The latest patch, iOS 6.1.1, which was dished out to developers for testing only five days ago, was released this afternoon.

Users should now, or will be able to shortly download the latest over-the-air update to the software. In the release notes, Apple says the update "fixes an issue that could impact cellular performance and reliability for iPhone 4S." 

It comes exactly two weeks after the iPhone and iPad maker rolled out the latest major version of the mobile operating system, iOS 6.1.

U.K. and European cellular networks warned their iPhone-using customers to avoid the latest iOS 6.1 version because of a 3G-related bug. U.K.-based global cellular network Vodafone sent a text message to all customers warning that they "may occasionally experience difficulty in connecting to the network to make or receive calls or texts or to connect to the Internet," according to sister site CNET.

Three Austria sent out a similar warning, reporting that the iOS version can "cause congestion issues for those users as well as the users of other handsets in that area," suggesting that the bug may have degraded network performance for others as well.

For some, iOS 6.1 has been nothing but trouble.

Other problems, including over-logging on Exchange Server connected accounts also caused problems for enterprise customers. Reports surfaced late last month, which described "excessive logging" on Microsoft-powered email servers, which ultimately led to—in some cases—a corporate 'ban' on iOS 6.1-powered devices in some enterprises.

Along with this, persistent Wi-Fi related problems continue to plague some customers who first upgraded to iOS 6. In some cases, Wi-Fi related problems where the device would simply not connect to networks. However, the iOS 6.1 update fixed the problems for some, although not all.

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  • ios 6.1.1 Will Also Include Call Blocking

    Included in the ios 6.1.1 patch will be a call blocking feature. Calls to the Apple 'Help Desk' will be blocked - later in the week Apple will announce: "We have not had any reports of malfunctions so we are confident that the problem has been solved!".
  • Apple only do one phone

    and still can't get it right. Apple has always been about style over substance. Great hardware, crap software, Mac OSX and iOS makes me want to regurgitate.
    • Of course

      No other OS has ever had a problem, has it? People like you make me want to regurgitate!
    • Dont Forget

      To regurgitate while you are passed out, on your back. Then you wont have any more problems with mac hardware or software that you dont use in the first place.
  • Never seen problems with 6.1

    Live in Europe, routinely use 3G, cellular, wifi. Never use Exchange. Never had a single problem.

    Perhaps not all European 3G networks are good enough. :)
    • Too funny...

      In another post by SJVN about the iOS 6 Wifi issues, you blamed the wifi equipment for being poor. I laughed and asked if you were going to blame the 3G connection issues on the cell phone carriers for having poor 3G equipment.

      I guess that question has been answered.
      • for what it matters

        There is a lot of buggy wifi equipment. Don't know about you, buy I have to deal with this daily.

        But.. Ignorance is bliss.

        By the way, there are plenty of buggy cellular networks too, although less frequently than wifi. This is easily explained, if you consider the number of the cellular networks vs the number of wifi networks. That math shows the cellular networks are way buggier.

        Neither me, nor you, nor Apple nor even Microsoft can help it. :)
        • You spend a lot of time trying to dodge the obvious.

          If a feature of the iphone stops working immediatley after an iOS update, then obviously the failure is some external hardware made by someone else. Wifi access points, 3G cell towers, etc. I bet it was faulty GPS satellites that caused the problems with iMaps as well.
          • did you ever read?

            Some people claim iOS 6.x is faulty because it was never working OK for wireless in their setup.

            Yet, millions and millions of people go out every day and buy iPhones. Do you suggest that those people's iPhones (that come with iOS 6 preloaded, by the way), do not work with wifi and cellular data too?
          • You do realize there are bugs that don't affect ALL users, right?

            You are taking a completely extremist view in order to make your theories work. Please tell me you do know that not all software bugs directly effect every single user of a device, right? Right?

            For example, just the other week Microsoft released a patch that broke the Windows app store for some SurfaceRT users, but not all users. That is a fact and MS just released a patch to resolve the issue (working or not I don't know)

            It seems that the simplist of concepts about software updates is completely escaping you and you thrive to find someone, anyone else to blame but Apple.

            I know from your past comments you have a strong bias, but I honestly thought you were joking when I first read your comments. It is clear that you are either obtuse or completely incapable of an objective view of the situation.

            Lastly, you are wrong. Millions and millions of people do not go out everyday and buy iphones.
          • apple ios6 problems

            @danbi and @Restricted_access
            Apple ios6 problems are for real. Check up the number of people having wifi issues with ios6.x.x updates on apple support forums. And wifi is just one of the issues introduced.

            Not that no other OS before had problems before but in this particular case there is an outright denial of issues from apple if you try and call their support.

            A whole lot of people are buying iphones for sure. FYI..lots of them even with new iphones are getting these issues. Many with ios6 issues now wow never to buy an apple product again!
        • Does the problem happen on other devices?

          That is the first question I would ask. If yes then it is the wifi/tower issue. If not, then it is IOS issue.
          • Re: Does the problem happen on other devices?


            But my all knowing opponent Emacho didn't care to provide any factual data. It's all Apple's fault, he says.

            For the cases I claim cellular, and especially wifi do not work reliably: most of the cases do not even involve any Apple products. But yet, of course, it's Apple's fault that wifi and cellular networks are flaky and non-interoperable most of the time. None of these networks is designed to be very reliable, to start with. And some are implemented just badly.
          • The cell company specifically pointed to iPhone4S users updating to iOS6

            and no one else. So yes, it is just ONE iphone model having this problem and ONLY when they update to iOS6. Is that proof enough for you or must you be spoon feed everything to see the light?

            Not that you have once put up any specifics about the nameless mystery wifi/3g towers that you blame for being faulty. It must be nice to demand proof from others while being as ambigious as you want when presenting your views. Good luck with the double standard.
    • I guess Apple didn't need to issue this fix

      As YOU did not see any problems.

      This is probably just to fix yet another exploit that was used to jailbreak the devices.
      • or maybe

        to help poor pal Microsoft with their brain dead software, among other fixes.

        Me, I can live without Apple or iPhone just fine.
  • iOS 6.1.1 update just bricked my iPhone

    Restoring now, but I'm far from being a happy bunny/blogger/customer. Oh well. Good job I made a backup...
    • It is all plot of the empire

      It seems you have moved to the dark side (NYC)