Apple releases iOS 7.0.1 to patch fingerprint scanner bug

Apple releases iOS 7.0.1 to patch fingerprint scanner bug

Summary: iPhone 5s users can now use the built-in fingerprint scanner to authenticate iTunes purchases as opposed to entering a password. But a more serious lock screen bug present in iOS 7 remains unpatched.


New iPhones aren't the only thing to come out of Apple today as the company also releases iOS update 7.0.1, a bugfix aimed specifically at the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets.

According to Apple the update contains generic "bug fixes and improvements" for the newly released iOS 7 mobile operating system. But according to users who have downloaded and installed it onto the new hardware the update patches a minor bug that prevented users from using the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s to authenticate iTunes purchases, forcing them instead to go back to tapping in a passcode.

Given that the iPhone 5c doesn't come equipped with a fingerprint sensor, it is safe to assume that the update also contains other small updates and bugfixes specific to both handsets.

One major security flaw that the update does not address is the newly discovered lock screen bypass flaw that allows anyone with physical access to the handset to use a series of gestures to circumvent the passcode and gain access to data stored on the handset.

Apple is currently working on a fix for this and an update will be released in due course.

The 7.0.1 update is available both as a small (17MB) over-the-air update, or a huge (1.3GB) update via a PC or Mac running iTunes 11.1. 

Topics: Security, Apple, iPhone, Mobility

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  • They only had to test one device!

    OMG Apple had one device to test and STILL you release IOS 7 with a crippling bug which needs to be patch ONE DAY after release.

    • "Crippling"?

      I do not think that word means what you think it means.
  • They only had to test one device!

    OMG Apple had one device to test and STILL you release IOS 7 with a crippling bug which needs to be patch ONE DAY after release.

  • I upgraded iOS on my wife's iPhone 4 today

    and the bug still isn't fixed because she cant get anything fingerprint wise to work...
    William Farrel
    • Have you checked the finger

      • Yes, I've checked the finger

        she waves it in my face enough... :)
        William Farrel
        • she might not be human

          You know, that new tech is only supposed to work with live human fingers.

          Either that, or....
    • No fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 4

      That's because the fingerprint scanner uses new hardware only available in the new iPhone 5S released today. Not the iPhone 4 as you stated.
      • /facepalm

        Ah the beauty of sarcasm on the internet. Never ceases to entertain.
  • I'll wait

    I've decided not to download until all bugs are fixed.
    • oh?

      I assume that means your still on iOS 1?
      • Too ...

        Too Damn Funny!
        Samuel Sung
  • Adrian Kingsley-Hughes and Apple win kudos...

    for calling a bug a "bug" and NOT an "issue". So nice to read real English, so to speak.
  • Correction: The lock screen bypass does not work on all phones or all iPads

    This makes it more difficult to isolate and patch.
  • Bug in my 5s resolved

    When I got my 5s yesterday and I couldn't set up my fingerprint. It kept on asking me to tap tap tap tap on the sensor using my thumb. I did it like 50x and still couldn't do it so I finally returned to the home screen. When I tried to re-setup again I immediately gotten an error message saying something like unable to setup... please restart...

    I took it back to Apple, the guy said they've seen quite a lot of these and downloaded the patch in order to fix the issue.
  • OTT

    Some people have no idea of perspective or proportionality. GET A LIFE !! These are MINOR bugs.....jeeeez.
    • And yet

      Were this MS who had done something so pathetically stupid on a release of a highly touted "magical" feature, the Appleistas would be out in droves declaring it was the apocalypse - but because it's apple it's just a minor bug - because they're magically delicious
      • like, for example

        Patching Office, and Windows suddenly stops booting? It never gets more magical than that.
  • kandy

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  • Re: Apple releases iOS 7.0.1 to patch fingerprint scanner bug....

    As with all new releases especially as large as iOS7 bugs are going to arise. Granted a bug of this nature is a concern but they have rectified it in record quick time. Otherwise IOS7 is a superb upgrade.