Apple releases OS X 10.8.5 with fixes for Mail, Wi-Fi, Xsan and Open Directory

Apple releases OS X 10.8.5 with fixes for Mail, Wi-Fi, Xsan and Open Directory

Summary: After nine external beta releases, Apple today released an incremental update to OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion.

Apple releases OS X 10.8.5 - Jason O'Grady

Apple today released OS X 10.8.5 as a free update to all Mac users running Mountain Lion. The update, which can be found in the Updates tab of the App Store weighed in at a paltry 267MB on my MacBook Air 13-inch (your mileage may vary). 

From the release notes:

  • Fixes an issue that may prevent Mail from displaying messages 
  • Improves AFP file transfer performance over 802.11ac Wi-Fi 
  • Resolves an issue that may prevent a screen saver from starting automatically 
  • Improves Xsan reliability 
  • Improves reliability when transferring large files over Ethernet 
  • Improves performance when authenticating to an Open Directory server 
  • Addresses an issue that prevented a smart card from unlocking preference panes in System Preferences 
  • Contains the improvements included in MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Software Update 1.0

Apple has more detailed information about this update on its website, including details about the security content of this release.

MacRumors notes that the final 10.8.5 release comes after nine external betas released to developers. 

Mountain Lion is the ninth and final of Apple's "cat" OS releases. At WWDC in June Apple announced that the successor to OS X 10.8 will be dubbed "Mavericks," in a nod to the famous California surf destination. Mavericks is due this fall.

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  • don

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  • looking Good!!

    Thanks for knowledge sharing. I have updated my OS X. It is looking good. I am still waiting for Maverick release.
  • Re: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion....

    It would seem as though Apple have taken to supporting OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion as they have with the ever popular OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

    The release of OS X 10.8.5 only goes to confirm this and for many will negate the need to immediately upgrade to OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

    Testing the Developer releases of OS X 10.9 it offers little in the way of improvement. iTunes 11.0.5 does not support iOS 7 but the upgrade to iTunes 11.1 will be made available to OS X 10.8 in due course.

    Safari 7 only shows small improvements over Safari 6. iBooks is available on OS X 10.9.
    iBooks is perfect for the iPad however is not really intended as a desktop application. So if you have an iPad the inclusion is of little consequence.

    Personally I remain working with OS X 10.8 for some time to come.
    • Mavericks???

      Sounds like Apple is subtly owning up to the fact that OSX is basically proprietary Unix/Linux. I mean maverick meerkat is what Ubuntu called one of their recent releases. Xsan sounds like an adopation of Unix/Linux xsane scanning software. BTW, a maverick (without the meerkat) is an unbranded or motherless calf, or an independent individual, not a cat.
      • I have no idea what any of that was about

        but OS X Maverick has the name it does because they dropped the cat naming convention, and are moving to a "California place name" naming convention.... Mavericks is a beach on the Pacific coast between San Francisco and Monterey.
        • Mavericks = Surfer Beach

          Has the biggest waves on the west coast. That's where the new name comes from. It has nothing to do with cattle, old westerns, or anything else.
    • You must be on an iMac

      I'm on a Macbook. I will definitely do Mavericks ASAP for the battery life improvements and app nap. Also to stay on the latest xcode.
      • Re: You must be on an iMac....Battery Life....

        Although I am aware of a slight improvement in the battery life running Mavericks. Essentially it is the introduction of the Intel Haswell Processor which has had the major impact. I know that working with the 2013 13" MacBook Air.
      • Does it make much difference on battery ?

        I updated mavericks to dp7 yesterday, seems they are taking their time this time around, I don't think ML had 7 developer previews.

        Today I update the ML box to 10.8.5, no problems afterwards.
        • Right and wrong

          ML technically only had four, but most of them had multiple updated. DP 4 update 1-3, for example.
          Michael Alan Goff
    • I have no clue what you're using

      My MacBook Air is better using the developer preview in just about every way. Battery is up by about an hour on average. My vRAM is doubled, which helps me out if I want to play a game or two on OS X. Shutdown and startup are faster, back to where they were before ML. Safari 7 is at webkit nightly levels.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Not for me

    My colleague with an older Macbook Pro updated this morning. My three month old copy still says no update available when I go to Software Update. Perhaps it's rolling out gradually?
    • you may have other issues

      no rolling out gradually that I know of - 3 months have seen a couple of updates.
  • This adds...

    This adds Haswell support... good day for Hackintosh users.
    • Re: Hackintosh users....

      The dregs of the Mac world plus its illegal don't you know !
      • And....

        I'm sure the Hackintosh users don't give a sh?t anyways.
  • iTunes finally addresses the biggest annoyance ever!

    Computers are now treated as devices. Meaning if you sell off you Mac without thinking about "deactivating" that computer FROM that SPECIFIC computer you will never be able to remove it. FINALLY Apple fixed this and made a Mac just like an iPod or iPhone. You just click "remove" from any iTunes account you've logged into and it's handled. I log into a lot of computers as I buy and sell Macs on the side. This is finally solved!
    Adam Butterick
  • Wait for 10.8.6 or updates

    Every time there is a release, wait until the first batch of fixes come out before installing the release. Seems QC from Apple went away a couple of years ago. Will it be further WiFi problems? Maybe battery draining? Maybe too much disk thrashing? Maybe loss of Internet connectivity from Apple apps [saw this one a few years back - two different releases]?