Apple rolls out iOS 7.0.4, includes new features, bug fixes

Apple rolls out iOS 7.0.4, includes new features, bug fixes

Summary: The iPhone and iPad maker rolls out the latest version of its mobile platform, including fixes and updates to its Spotlight search engine and iCloud Keychain.

(Image: Apple; Screenshot: ZDNet)

Apple has released a minor update to software running on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

iOS 7.0.4 includes bug fixes, security patches, and a slew of new features and software improvements.

The update also fixes a major problem for some, which caused FaceTime video calls to fail. iPods that are not able to upgrade to iOS 7 have their own version to upgrade to, iOS 6.1.5.

The new update improves iCloud Keychain, which was introduced in iOS 7.0.3, and the latest version of the desktop software, OS X Mavericks. The cloud-based technology keeps the Safari browser's passwords and credit card data in sync across all your Apple devices. 

Secondly, in Spotlight, the device's internal search engine, Apple has brought back the ability to search Google and Wikipedia from the results. The two services were removed when iOS 7 was first released in mid-September. 

The software update applies to the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and the two new smartphones, the iPhone 5c and 5s. It's also available for the iPad 2, the third and fourth generation iPads, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad mini with Retina Display. Fourth and fifth generation iPod touch models also receive the update.

Also on Thursday, Apple released a corresponding update to its Apple TV, updating the set-top box to version 6.0.2.

Users can update to the latest version by accessing the device's Settings, selecting General, then Software Update. In spite of the relatively small size of the update, it's recommended that users use Wi-Fi when updating.

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  • What about the reboot issue for the 5S

    Luv to see a real fix for this issue introduced with 7.03.
    • What "reboot issue"

      I honestly ask this as I personally witnessed it. I have seen an app quit occasionally, but that's nothing new.
      I hate trolls also
      • TouchID Issue - came with 7.03

        Almost random in appearance, on my 5S, when I use the TouchID to open my device, it will crash and reboot. Averages about 10% of wakeups :(
        I've tried the forum recommended solutions, tried my local Apple store ("this will be fixed in a future update") and still no joy.
        That reboot issue.
        Basically pain in the buttinski.
        • But we have a new bug!!

          After the update to 7.04, my iPad 4 is fine but iTunes is now telling me it cannot identify my 5S any longer.


            I had the same problem, but it can be solved.
            It's a little scary but it works fine.
            The software will ask you to reset you IPad to the old settings.
            Do it!
            You really won't lose anything.
            All my Apps stayed the same.
            I did have to resync my IPad to my Mac.
            Which reloaded all my songs and contact lists just as before.

            This version solved all my sync problems between my Mac and my Ipad Mini.
            Before, Maverick 10.9 was a disaster.
            I got an update on 10.9 on Tuesday, which fixed the inability for the Mac to sync with its own contact lists and Mail.
            Thursday evening the next step is 7.04 for the Ipad.
            It's not a small update as stated in this article.
            It's a major complete dump of 7.03 and replacement with 7.04.
            Now, everything is syncing again properly across all platforms.

            Don't be afraid to reset you IPad. It will work out OK, and you shouldn't lose anything important.
        • Sounds more like a hardware issue

          If it's that random and not everyone is experiencing, I theorise that it's an issue with your physical Touch ID Sensor.
      • iPad Air also buggy

        Had plenty random reboots on iPad Air. It's just not very stable right now.
        Han CNX
    • Yup

      I have a 5, but I have the spontaneous reboot probably every 2-3 days. I have narrowed it down to happening when I get a passbook update and the phone is locked. If you swipe to read the update, BOOM...
      Other than that, it seems completely random.
      • random reboot with update to 7.04

        I am having the same random reboot issue. It seems to be getting worse but I am not really sure what is causing it.
  • Welcome to the new MS

    A fix for a fix which designed for a previous fix.
    • Welcome to the new MS

      Yes, but at least they don't have a Windows 8 interface debacle with worse than worthless Ribbons everywhere. :-)
      • The ribbons are alot more functional then the old way

        I can see the old timers being confused, the but the ribbons are more intuative. Some people don't like change even if its for the better.
        NoMore MicrosoftEver
        • The ribbons are a lot more functional "then" the old way??

          At least us old timers know how to use the word "then" and "than" properly. :)
          • Oh, Challenger!

            Grampa - not just "then" instead of "than"; how about "alot" instead of "a lot", "the but the" instead of "but the", "intuative" instead of "intuitive", "its for" instead of "it's for"? Sheesh! I think challenger's challenge is that he's challenged! We old timers like to get work done - as in using an app, instead of using up our time learning an app. The ribbon is contused (look it up, Challenger), not intuitive. We're not confused - just impatient; we don't have as much time left as you do . . .
          • Grammatical errors aside, guys...

            The problem's not the Ribbon but Microsoft which has ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) everywhere.

            Think of all the time wasted convincing developers (both inside and outside) that the Ribbon was the way to go, just to throw it all with the Metro affaire.

            Same happened to WinForms, WPF and Silverlight. Microsoft sees them as evolution, everybody else sees them as projects fighting each other for supremacy.

            IMHO. The Ribbon should've been given a central role in Windows 8 with new swipes and zooms, just like iOS 7.

            They should've added a "TouchOnly" event whenever the Touch/Type Cover is disconnected which would've flatten the Task Bar, auto hide it, maximize all windows and allow modal work only.

            Alas, keep dreaming, Microsoft thinks Metro is the only way to go and hasn't realize that they are killing Windows in the interim.
          • that's a myth

            microsoft is not killing windows.

            windows as a product is a zombie. it's dead already. the only thing why people used it is because they didn't know of the alternative.

            it's not the metro style that is killing windows, it's the possibility to choose again after monopolistic darkness.
          • When correcting others ...

            it's probably best not to make your own mistakes. I guess you meant words rather than word! Feel free to correct any grammatical errors in my post!
          • Any is singular

            Since you asked... don't pluralize "error" when using "any".
          • This is incorrect.

            The word "any" is not singular or plural, and sentences build around it in different ways.
            If you said "There isn't any indication of this" you'd be correct to leave the word after 'any' as singular.
            If you said "Have you seen any monkeys in this region?" you'd be correct to pluralise the word after 'any'.
            In the first sentence, "isn't" is the singular word, pointing to the singular statement. It is perfectly acceptable to pluralise after the word 'any'.

            This person was talking about plural errors in the post. "Any errors" is correct.

            There are a some exceptions, but, in general questions and negative sentences with "any + countable noun", the plural form of the noun is used.

            "I don't have any (further) questions."
            "Are there any oranges left?"
          • Since you asked!

            DJL -

            You failed to capitalize your first word, "it's" and before you claim that it's a 'continuation' from your subject line (which is poor writing in itself), you also ended your subject with an ellipsis, which in English represents an omission of a word (or words), which it clearly did not in this case. If you meant to indicate a pause from your subject to your first line (again, a poor writing style), the correct punctuation should've been a comma, not an ellipsis.