Apple said to buy in $4.5m deal

Apple said to buy in $4.5m deal

Summary: According to Gigaom, Apple has bought the domain name from Xcericon, a Swedish software company, for $4.

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According to Gigaom, Apple has bought the domain name from Xcericon, a Swedish software company, for $4.5 million. Earlier this month, Xcericon rebranded its service, which provides storage in the cloud, from iCloud to CloudMe and bought the domain.

Nobody involved has confirmed the purchase, although Gigaom references a source 'familiar with the company' as providing the financial details. As of midday 28 April the network registrar records continue to show Xcericon as the owner of the domain.

Apple bought cloud-based music company Lala in 2009 and closed it down in April 2010, while Google is widely reported to be in talks with record labels over content for its own unannounced online content service. Amazon launched its Cloud Drive service at the end of March 2011, which links to its existing online digital music retailing operation to store user purchased content.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • Hi,

    I'm doing an experiment camping outside the apple shop for the IPhone 5.

     The only rule is that I can't spend a penny on my equipment and gadgets I'm taking with me. The response from companies donating products to test has been amazing. 

    The whole point of the experiment is to show how powerful an influence apple has on other tech companies. 

    I have already secured a mitchellin stared dinner from a top London restaurant and sourced hundreds of dollars worth of tech kit to test out including solar powered iPhone batteries and out door camping equipment. 

    I'm even having my hair cut outside the apple shop as I will have a lot of time on my hands. I want to look good for any pictures taken of me :) 

    Would you be interested in reporting about this? 

    I had a lot of media attention with an IPhone app called Problem Halved a couple of years ago. 

    My blog is gaining a lot of momentum. 


    Rob Shoesmith 

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