Apple, Samsung renew $1bn patents battle in court

Apple, Samsung renew $1bn patents battle in court

Summary: It seems the $1 billion patent war between Apple and Samsung is far from over.

TOPICS: Apple, Legal, Patents, Samsung

Apple and Samsung renewed their legal spat Thursday in court with a fresh wave of legal arguments from both parties.

samsung apple court 1 billion renewed new arguments

The tech giants' legal fray resumes on Thursday, as Apple and Samsung take their places once again in an American courtroom. The Associated Press reports that Samsung is seeking to overturn the order issued in August, granting Apple $1 billion after finding the smartphone marker guilty of copying design elements from the iPad and iPhone.

Samsung says that the jury foreman treated the firm unfairly, and alleges that some of Apple's patents should never have been awarded in the first place, therefore the verdict's damage reward is incorrect. In addition, jury foreman Velvin Hogan is being accused of concealing a former employer on his disclosure documents -- Seagate -- of which Samsung is a large investing party.

"Samsung is hoping to set aside the verdict entirely, accusing the jury foreman of lying to get on the jury," Edward Naughton, a patent attorney told the news agency. "This argument isn't likely to succeed, but Samsung may convince the court to whittle down the jury verdict a bit."

Apple, on the other hand, is not happy with the judgement, and is looking to gain an additional $500 million from its Korean rival. The iPad and iPhone maker argues that the seating of Hogan should have been disputed earlier -- as Samsung knew the jury foreman's history -- and it is unfair to use Seagate as an excuse to request a new trial or changes in the court's decision.

On Thursday, lawyers from both technology giants will launch in to their arguments in a San Jose federal court. However, the news wire reports that the issue will not necessarily end with overseeing judge Lucy Koh's decision, and may end up before the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, potentially reaching the U.S. Supreme Court.

Courts across the globe are still reviewing the tech giants' patent accusations. Last month, a Dutch court ruled that some Samsung products infringed on Apple's patents concerning the scrolling of pictures. However, the theatrics continue as the same court ruled earlier that Samsung did not violate Apple's multitouch patents. In addition, Apple lost a claim in a Dutch court over Samsung's alleged copying of the iPad design -- a case now being taken to Dutch high Court. 

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Topics: Apple, Legal, Patents, Samsung

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  • My take.

    Based on the evidence I'd say say the foreman was more than fair towards Samsung but overly charitable boards Apple. Samsung copied, maybe not everything or slavishly but willfully and blatantly.
    • What evidence?

      Such as that as "the code can't run on the other processor", ruling out that previous multitouch system as prior art for the multitouch patent? That is a violation against patent law if the jury used that as their reasoning, and yet that jury foreman said just that.

      Given the evidence we have available, the judgement should be reversed.
    • Thanks for that...

      That'll save everyone time knowing that you 'think' it fair. I've written to the judge and all concerned suggesting that we all save time and simply ask you for advice next time,,, care of Apple I suspect. What might you think a reasonable settlement might be and I'll make sure the offender sends a cheque poste-haste to the other co. That'll settle this to everyones satisfaction and that'll be the end of the matter. lol, we wish.
  • Apple patents

    What a lot of rubbish! Patent rights on scrolling pictures, or looks, or design similarities...! Is Apple so in need of market share that it resolves around such pity patent rights. Do they think they are the only I-Tech company in the world? It 5 different people design or develop software and or hardware for 5 different companies changes are at least 80% that their will be similarities in the software and hardware. Also, shouldn't Ford then sue all other car manufacturers for using front glass shields and combustion engines and having 4 wheels??
    Another thing I can't really understand is how Apple can go about so aggressively at Samsungs throat while so many of Apple's components are made by Samsung?
    • Ford Patents

      Ford broke the patent on 4 wheels and a motor owned by others.