Apple seeks US ban on 8 Samsung devices

Apple seeks US ban on 8 Samsung devices

Summary: After its patent victory over Samsung in a U.S. court, Cupertino followed that up by filing a court request to ban the sale of eight phones made by the Korean company in the country, including its Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II 4G.

TOPICS: Patents, Apple, Legal, Samsung

Apple has followed up its patent victory over Samsung on Saturday by filing a court request to ban the sale of eight phones produced by the Korean electronics giant in the United States.

AFP reported Tuesday that Apple asked the U.S. District Court in San Jose, California, to issue a preliminary injunction on the eight devices, while a permanent one is debated. The phones in question are the Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S II AT&T, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II T-Mobile, Galaxy S II Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge, and Galaxy Prevail.

Samsung's latest phone--the Galaxy S III--was not included in the list but it could be the subject of another lawsuit, it noted.

Last week, Apple won US$1.05 billion in the patent tussle with Samsung after a California jury found the latter had infringed 6 of 7 patents belonging to Apple for mobile devices. Samsung said in a statement the ruling would lead to "fewer choices, less innovation and potentially higher prices" for the American consumer.

The Korean company has also asked the court to lift a ban on its Galaxy Tab 10.1, which the jury found did not violate Apple's design patent for the iPad. The temporary injunction was issued by U.S. Judge Lucy Koh on Jun. 26, AFP noted.

Koh has scheduled a hearing on Sep. 20 to announce her ruling on Apple's ban request, it added.

On Monday, Asian consumers expressed fears Apple's patent win could stifle innovation from Samsung and enable Cupertino to monopolize the mobile market.

Topics: Patents, Apple, Legal, Samsung

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  • huh?

    "On Monday, Asian consumers expressed fears Apple's patent win could stifle innovation from Samsung and enable Cupertino to monopolize the mobile market."

    yes.. because "innovation" is using someone else's patents? Why not find your own way to do something...
    • oh shut up

      patents absolutely stifle innovation. it's a load of crap. patent and copyright laws should all die. eff the police. and eff you, copblower.
    • Apple the former "Darling of industry" is now a MONSTER of FRANKENSTEIN..

      Apple STOLE, repeat STOLE XEROX IP... Apple by all fair accounts owes XEROX TENS of BILLIONS of dollars... The GERM of an idea JOBS spoke of in his own voluntary words, was no GERM. A germ is incomplete. XEROX "GERM" was humming in people's offices and generationg a meager, but real return. Now granted it never lived up to its potential, ("why buy a $50,000 ALTOS, or $10,000 XEROX STAR when you could buy one of that young man's cute little Macs) but it didn't HAVE TO.... IT WAS XEROX... If apple was honest, they should PAY BACK THE TENS AND TENS OF BILLIONS THEY OWE XEROX PARC. ... By the way, that sum includes trebled damages for agregious harm of a competitors market after theft of IP. Predatory pricing.
      As far as Judge KOH is concerned, she hasn't a CLUE... SOmeone should investigate her bank to see if an influx of CASH hasn't recently occurred.

      WOW How clueless are you? Apple stole ideas from sony to build iphone. Allow me to educate you.concepts or ideas stolen from Sony Corp and others.Apple’s lawyers argued there is almost no difference between Samsung products and those of Apple REALLY????? I have samsung galaxy s3 and i assure you i never wanted nor thought i was buying a over priced outdated iphone.Proving that jurisdiction does matter, South Korea’s Samsung scored a major victory over arch-rival and key customer Apple.

      In terms of the findings of the Seoul court, Samsung did not copy Apple’s iPhone and iPad, but Apple did copy Samsung’s wireless technology.

      The relatively scantily-reported verdict came on August 24, the very same day on which Apple triumphed over Samsung in a courtroom not far from the American company’s headquarters.

      In terms of Samsung’s victory, a partial ban on the sale of Apple products in South Korea is now in place. Samsung is also seeking something of an offset against the US$2.75-billion Apple is after in the USA, seeking payment of damages to the tune of US$422-million.

      Europe where judges have ruled that they are part of industry standards that must be licensed under fair terms to competitors.

      Courts in Europe, including The Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany have rejected similar claims by Samsung that Apple violated its wireless patents, with judges arguing that the patents have become part of industry standards.

      Standard-essential patents are a crucial technology for new players to make products compatible with the rest of the market and must be licensed under fair and reasonable terms.
    • Apple seeks US ban on 8 Samsung devices

      "yes.. because "innovation" is using someone else's patents? "
      innovation is based on something existing, invention is something else.
      apple did not invent anything yet.
    • Apple again stole ideas and patented them

      Below is a picture and video from 2001 to 2004 of "pinch to zoom" and "bounce back" that Apple did not invent but applied for patents and got! Apple complains that companies steal from them, but they have been stealing ideas since the 80's starting with GUI and the mouse.
  • Woes of Patents..

    Should a ban be allowed for T-Mobile Samsung phones when iPhones don't exist in that wireless network to compete?

    Some consumers don't want to switch wireless networks, apps stores, music stores, or Apple/Android/PC systems.
  • ANDROID is the only option

    MS was sued back in the day by apple for stealing apple's IP....
    XEROX PARC sued them bith. WHY..... It's history... XEROX said " YOU BOTH STOLE MY IP"!! FACT...... Can you imagine???
    By the way Jobs says in his interview ( on youtube it's under Setve Jobs, I Hired the Wrong Guy" ) In essence XEROX didn't deserve it ( the NERVE of this guy, ARROGANT) they ( XEROX ) didn't know what they had.... JUSTFICATION for his earlier comment in the same segment re:JOBS' right to STEAL other's IP.... THE MAN ADMITS IT...... CASE CLOSED. AS I SAID APPLE OWES XEROX BILLIONS....
    • Xerox PARC

      Sorry, but the powers that be at Xerox agreed to a stock deal with Steve Jobs that granted Apple freedom to use what they saw on their PARC tours. A deal is a deal. Xerox should have had more vision and more believe in their people and what they had in terms of patentable property at PARC but they didn't. Apple, legally, stole nothing.
  • Apple stinks

    In the long run, they will pay the price for being so greedy
  • Samsung

    Samsung strutted around for years thumbing their nose at Apple and the entire US patent system, now they've been slapped down by a jury trial they chose and a jury they helped select. Their lawyers wanted to appeal to the common man and woman, apparently. Well, they had their day in court, the jury was unconvinced by their arguments or evidence, now it's time for their fans to realize they too might be on the wrong side of the IP argument.
  • I just realized...

    heck I don't even need a smartphone. what's it for, work-life balance? pffft.
  • I will hate Apple and never purchase anything from them

    Apple is empoisioning the IT environment with all these patent sues.
    The result is more money to attorneys and less competition and innovation.
    I will hate Apple for a long time, and will never, ever, purchase anything from them.
    • You hate Apple forever?

      And what if Samsung won? Would you hate Samsung forever... they were/are counter-suing Apple for many things too. Just like Apple.

      Stealing is stealing which apparently in the Pacific rim, and other Asian countries the business culture accepts this as "just doing business." If you can get away with it, then you are successful.

      The courts ruled in favor of Apple this time. Samsung says there will be less innovation. That's a They were proven to be less innovative than they want people to believe. It costs less to steal. That's why greedy people do it.
      • I don't hate Apple

        But I do disagree with their litigation policies. To sue a company that helps you make your products for something as utilitarian as rounded corners and such, and simple smartphone functions, that should be general and not subject to IP claims.

        Not to mention that these functions are not Apple's inventions, but patented by them in a broken patent system. I don't HATE Apple, but I WILL NEVER GIVE BUY ANOTHER APPLE PRODUCT AGAIN!
      • as a long term apple fan

        Having had macs ipods iphone ipod touch, and consumed much apple content, I will never buy anything from apple again. What they claim to have invented, I know from my long it experience, is a complete lie. They've made a great product, but instead of competing by improving the product, they've gone down this insane route. Enjoy your victory apple, you just lost a lot of loyal fans.
  • apple seeks injunction against samsung

    When is enough going to be enough? Patent law suits are at an all time high and over rated. Its time for it all to be open source. Patents should now be illegal.
  • Patents should not have been granted

    Perhaps the biggest issue I see in this whole case is that several of the items for which Apple has patents should never have been able to be patented. The basic look and feel of the tablet/smartphone was not Apples to patent, it has been around in one form or another for decades. The icons on the iPhone/iPad are not unique from the icons we use on many forms of desktops and have been in use for quite a while.

    Actually the whole patent process should be reviewed to insure that the process is not being used by anyone including the Patent Trolls to stifle products coming to the market or making profits off items that are not unique to the way things just are.

    If we took this to the degree that the technology market is pushing it, the automobile industry would be suing each other over having to make their cars more aerodynamic for fuel economy reasons. Chrysler had one of the first production aerodynamic cars back in the 30's. If they had patented the concept everyone who made a car today would be either banned from the market or paying them a royalty. Someone determined it was physics not just engineering that dictated the aerodynamics.
    • I totally agree

      Additionally, it 's not that Apple is the only tech company that sues other tech companies, rather, it's that Apple has taken it to an entirely new level that has never been seen before.

      A good example of Apple's attitude is what they attempted to get away with when going after Kodak. They don't care about the positive contributions Kodak has given to the tech industry in general...all they care about is getting their greedy little hands on the patents that Kodak holds. They are still, at this moment, doing everything in their power to obtain these patents. If they do, you can be confident that you will see more patent suits on the horizon.

      Yes, "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."

      I feel as many others do about Apple. I will not own any of their products. Not because they don't produce great products, because they do. No, but because of there blood thirsty greed and arrogant attitude as a company. I will not support a business like their's.
  • Apple and Android are shooting themselves in the foot

    These law-suits ar the best thing that could have happened to Microsoft. if they continue then MSFt may have a second chance at the market.